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How We Create Design Systems and Why They Are Valuable

UX Studio: Product Management

To achieve this, they have to produce a design system where they can maintain different appearances and consistency in functionality and behavior. At UX studio, we are aware of the importance of design systems. Why to Build a Design System Having a design system helps to ensure consistency. What is a Design System?

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UX Strategy: Step-By-Step Guide for SaaS Companies


According to Jamie Levy, the main tenets of a UX strategy are business strategy, value innovation, validated user research , and frictionless UX. The strategy should also have information about the UX team, processes, and guidelines. A robust UX strategy is also a valuable differentiator helping you stand out in competitive markets.


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Run Less Software

Intercom, Inc.

The same is true in software. In this battle, I’ve found a secret weapon hidden within one of our core engineering strategies, an idea called Run Less Software. As well as being a critical philosophy behind how we build software, it also represents how I feel about the software industry and technology in general.

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Defining Guidelines in Product Management

The Product Guy

When I first researched about product management, I asked seasoned product managers how they started and they gave me very different kinds of answers. Becoming a product person seems to be easier with access to clear guidelines. It is a good tool to have and can be used over and over again. .

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How to Build and Design a Successful App

Alchemer Mobile

Building a successful app can mean big business. But, it also requires a proper plan to reach your target market and stand out against millions of apps already successfully positioned in the market. What does a successful app look like? Top apps grab people’s attention with a compelling icon right away.

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Mobile Test Automation Playbook

The Product Coalition

This is writing code and/or using tools to automate the testing of mobile software?—?either either mobile versions/renderings of websites, or native mobile apps, for example on iOS or Android specific phones/tablets. Testing of mobile apps or websites, however, is complex and challenging. an app or website.

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Why Accessibility Matters in a Post-Pandemic, Majority-Digital World?

The Product Coalition

A practical look at how and why software designers can ensure digital services can be used by everyone. People who need medicine use apps and websites to order perscriptions and have them delivered to their homes. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, making software accessible is arguably a common struggle around the globe.