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A Deep Dive into the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

The Product Coalition

The Software Development Life Cycle provides a practical framework you can apply to your product and improve your processes. You should be able to define the project scope and goals clearly by outlining the objectives, functionalities, and features of the software. It helps us meet customers’ demands, needs, and expectations.

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The Differences, Pros and Cons Between Waterfall and Agile Methodologies

The Product Coalition

At the beginning of any software development project, managers think of which methodology is between waterfall and agile. It’s essential to follow clearly defined processes or software development life cycle (SDLC) to ensure software development quality. Waterfall and agile: A smart method or bad solution?


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Your Ultimate Guide to Agile Transformation

Agile Velocity

Agile has been shown to shorten time-to-market, increase quality, instill predictability, improve customer satisfaction, and create an overall happier working culture. Agile Transformation involves all levels of the organization and applies Lean-Agile principles to business processes, practices, tools, operations, and culture.

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Building an Efficient Release Management Process


A streamlined release management process is imperative for mitigating deployment risks and accelerating software delivery. By optimizing release management flows, teams can facilitate on-demand deployments that enhance business agility without compromising stability. What is the Release Management Process Flow?

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Run Less Software

Intercom, Inc.

The same is true in software. In this battle, I’ve found a secret weapon hidden within one of our core engineering strategies, an idea called Run Less Software. As well as being a critical philosophy behind how we build software, it also represents how I feel about the software industry and technology in general.

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F.E².A.R.?—?A Product Framework from Concept to Delivery: Part 1

The Product Coalition

A Product Framework from Concept to Delivery: Part 1 Why “FE²AR” As a technology executive, I have seen my share of successful and not-as-successful products. The best products fail nowadays due to a lack of consideration of Ecosystems, an example that I will walk through in Part 2 of this article.

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Why Scrum? A Product Owner’s Guide to Agile Success


It’s a practical, hands-on framework that’s designed to make your role as a product owner more manageable and more effective. It’s a useful tool for software teams to solve complex problems. The origins of Scrum actually have nothing to do with software development. That’s where Scrum comes in.

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