Would-Be Product Manager’s Instruction Manual

Product Management Unpacked

People often describe a product manager as “CEO of the Product.” This sounds appealing, but the reality is that product managers don’t have a CEO’s level of authority over everyone who contributes to making a product successful. Being a product manager is actually more of a high-wire act — managing multiple disciplines and personalities — so you will need a cool head and a chill disposition. Conduct market research on user needs. Product.

Product Managing the Cloud with Hemanth Kempanna

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

We talk to Hemanth Kempanna, an Exponent alumnus, on his journey to breaking into product management and his experience building cloud-based products. The product that I am currently working on and why I chose to work on that product and not some other initiatives. This can be in terms of the companies you want to target, the roles you want to get into or the kind of industry, products, or technologies you want to work on. Q: Who’s a product manager you admire?