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Good Beta/Bad Beta: The Fundamentals of Beta Testing for Product Managers

280 Group

Let’s talk about Beta testing. Beta testing is a vital process for product managers to refine their products before launch. Discover the secrets to successful beta testing and how it can significantly impact your product’s success. TL; DR Good beta testing is thorough, proactive, and values user feedback.

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How to Use Concept Testing UX to Build Successful Products?


Concept testing is an integral part of designing UX that not only satisfies user needs but delights them. This article introduces various concept tests, shows you how to conduct them, and discusses ways to collect user feedback to gain actionable insights. In monadic tests, participants provide in-depth feedback on one concept only.


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Test-Driven or Feature Flag-Driven Development: What’s Best For Your Team?


The need for efficient and effective software development methodologies has never been more paramount. Amid this incessant search for perfection, two paradigms have become prominent: Test-driven development (TDD) and feature flag-driven development (FFDD). Benefits of TDD The advantages of TDD are numerous.

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Concept Testing Examples and Methods for SaaS


What is concept testing and how can it help accelerate your product-led growth ? In this article, we’ll go over some concept testing examples from some of the best B2B and B2C brands to help you get started with your strategy. Airbnb failed to concept test its logo and faced ridicule due to its design.

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Pandemic Response: Lessons Learned From COVID-19

Download this whitepaper to learn about: Development of AI standards for pandemic models that will be used in future pandemic responses. Enablement of swift and safe innovation in rapid antigen tests. Modernization of U.S. health reporting standards.

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53 Questions Developers Should Ask Innovators

TechEmpower - Product Management

Even when they have talked to multiple developers or development firms, we’re often the first to ask basic questions like “Who are your customers?” ” or “Are you developing for desktop, tablet, mobile, or all three?” The innovator/developer relationship needs to be a conversation.

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A Deep Dive into the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

The Product Coalition

The Software Development Life Cycle provides a practical framework you can apply to your product and improve your processes. With the support of the SDLC, You can track and control your calendar, and increase productivity and speed of development. It helps us meet customers’ demands, needs, and expectations.

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Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

Think your customers will pay more for data visualizations in your application? Five years ago they may have. But today, dashboards and visualizations have become table stakes. Discover which features will differentiate your application and maximize the ROI of your embedded analytics. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

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When Life Gives You Lemons Make PM Lemonade: Surviving Product Management During Crisis

Speaker: Vivek Bedi, Keynote Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur

The work/life balance of PMs is being tested; managing a product team and various roadmaps virtually adds to the list of current challenges. Use Product Management Today’s webinars to earn professional development hours! We are all going through challenging times. In fact, the entire way product managers work has completely changed.

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How AI and ML Can Accelerate and Optimize Software Development and Testing

Speaker: Eran Kinsbruner, Best-Selling Author, TechBeacon Top 30 Test Automation Leader & the Chief Evangelist and Senior Director at Perforce Software

It's no secret that CTOs need to have a full understanding if they want to be successful, but does that make them responsible for developer productivity? While advancements in software development and testing have come a long way, there is still room for improvement.

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How User Acceptance Testing Can Save You Time and Money

Speaker: J.B. Siegel, VP of Client Services, Seamgen

Before a new product or feature goes into development, you have to gauge whether it will be a worthwhile investment. He’ll discuss how user testing allows you to really understand your users - and how to use the insights to inform your product strategy. The right tools for successful user testing.

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Using Continuous Customer Testing for Pandemic-Proof Product Success

Speaker: Luke Freiler, CEO and co-founder of Centercode

He's going to walk you through an agile process for continuous customer testing that saves you time and gives you full confidence in your products — no matter how many you're sending out the door this year. How to expand product test coverage — even when budget cuts leave you short-handed.

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Building a Culture of Experimentation: Using Continuous Development for Faster & Safer Product Releases

At the heart of these processes is the idea of continuous development, which encompasses continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. This guide will walk you through: How continuous development has turned product managers into experimenters and has given them more control over the release process.

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Product Development Demystified: Launching Faster with Confidence through Human Insight

Speaker: Kandice Durden, Senior Solutions Consultant

It’s time to take the guesswork out of product development by putting your customers at the center of your decisions! Approximately 50% of product budgets are allocated to reworking and optimizing post-launch experiences.

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3 Templates for Uncomplicating Your Product Management Process

In this workbook, you’ll find a comprehensive set of templates product development and cross-functional teams can adopt to better leverage your existing skills and your data to: Identify the problem to solve. Test and review your hypotheses. Design a solution. Iterate and improve.