Thu.Apr 11, 2024

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How to Craft an Effective Enterprise Product Strategy


A product strategy is a high-level plan for keeping your team aligned and working on the right things. In the absence of a strong strategy, product leaders risk wasting development resources, launching the wrong products and features, and losing the faith of customers. It is a crucial artifact for any product-led organization.

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Principles of rapid innovation

Mind the Product

Unlock the potential of Agile product management with actionable strategies to overcome challenges like backlog management and prioritization. Read more » The post Principles of rapid innovation appeared first on Mind the Product.

Agile 132

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A framework for finding product-market fit | Todd Jackson (First Round Capital)

Lenny Rachitsky

Brought to you by: • WorkOS —The modern API for auth and user identity • Eppo —Run reliable, impactful experiments • CommandBar —AI-powered user assistance for modern products and impatient users — Todd Jackson is a Partner at First Round Capital. Before moving into venture capital, he played a crucial role as VP of Product and Design at Dropbox, guiding the company until its IPO in 2018.

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Customer Feedback is Product Management

Ronke PM

Table of Contents What is Customer Feedback? Why is Customer Feedback Important? Types of Customer Feedback Final Thoughts Customer feedback provides cross-functional teams with confirmation that they are on the right path, which leads to the development of products that bring value to customers. Products that impact their lives for the better. What makes a product great?

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10 Rules for Managing Apache Cassandra

It’s no surprise that Apache Cassandra has emerged as a popular choice for organizations of all sizes seeking a powerful solution to manage their data at a scale—but with great power comes great responsibility. Due to the inherent complexity of distributed databases, this white paper will uncover the 10 rules you’ll want to know when managing Apache Cassandra.

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Data Storytelling: The Skill Every Analytics Pro Should Master


Uncover the potential of powerful, data-driven stories to communicate business insights and drive better decisions.

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Unleash the Power of Community: How a Team of One Created a Self-Sustaining Online Community


Across industries, executives tend to focus on one thing: scaling. They want to know how they can do more without spending more. Particularly when the focus is on community and building customer knowledge, scaling can be tricky. There are always more questions coming in than there are hours available to answer them. The only way to truly scale community is to make it self-sustaining, the way Danny Pancratz, Director of Customer Experience Programs at Unqork did.

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8 Important Customer Satisfaction Metrics to Monitor Sentiment


If you’re not tracking customer satisfaction metrics, you’re probably losing customers every day, and you don’t even realize it. But customer satisfaction is a huge domain, with myriads of product engagement touch points to track – where do you even begin? So let’s dive in and take a closer look at what metrics measure customer satisfaction and how to measure them.