Thu.Feb 16, 2023

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How to thrive as a product manager in a product-led growth organization

Mind the Product

In this post, Yann Sarfati, Co-founder and CEO at startup Userled, offers some advice on succeeding as a product manager in a product-led growth business What’s in a name? When it comes to product managers, quite a lot is up for debate. Product management job descriptions have been a moving target for some years, but [.] Read more » The post How to thrive as a product manager in a product-led growth organization appeared first on Mind the Product.

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Sensors and Actuators in Machine Learning: How Do They Work?

The Product Coalition

We are taught in Data Science that analysis and learning requires we follow a process of… Continue reading on Product Coalition »


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How to speed up your leadership changes research with Feedly AI

Roy Madden

Market Intelligence Keep up with CEO, CTO, CIO, CISO, CFO, and board member changes across millions of sources Are you afraid of missing out on crucial leadership changes? Feedly AI is here to help. We’ve just released a new “ Leadership Changes ” AI Model that you can use to monitor C-suite changes. This solution offers marketing and sales teams a more efficient (7x) and comprehensive (140 million sources) way to track leadership change announcements.

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How to Scale Yourself While Avoiding Burnout — YouX 2023 Breakout Session Recap with Auzita Irani


Feeling stretched thin? Learn how to scale your impact as a UX researcher while preventing burnout in this YouX 2023 breakout session recap.

UX 98
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Reimagined: Building Products with Generative AI

“Reimagined: Building Products with Generative AI” is an extensive guide for integrating generative AI into product strategy and careers featuring over 150 real-world examples, 30 case studies, and 20+ frameworks, and endorsed by over 20 leading AI and product executives, inventors, entrepreneurs, and researchers.

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Outstaffed Employees: How to Get the Legal Part Right

TurnKey Labs

When you’re outgrowing your in-house software development team and need to bring on engineers to help with a specific task or challenge, outstaffing can be a great solution. But before you jump headlong into this pursuit, there are a few legal factors you need to consider.

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5 Ways to Detect Personalization Opportunities

AB Tasty

You know it best: shaping the customer journey on your sites or apps from search to cart has become key for conversions. That’s why you’re using state-of-the-art tools to collect data, run campaigns as well as experiment and personalize experiences. But these are just tools that help you execute your plan.

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Digital Twin in Healthcare: How It Impacts Healthcare Revolution

The Product Coalition

Digital twin in healthcare is growing in popularity. They enable doctors and patients to view the same patient from many aspects, thereby saving time and money. Imagine being able to forecast the effects of experimental treatments without putting a patient’s life in danger. Or making a digital copy of a person’s body, right down to the level of the cells, to help choose the best surgery.

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eG Enterprise rated the No. 1 APM Tool for Customer Experience by SoftwareReviews

eG Innovations

The reviews are in! We are thrilled that eG Enterprise has been recognized by SoftwareReviews, a division of Info-Tech Research Group, as a Champion in the 2023 Application Performance Management – Enterprise (APM) Tools Emotional Footprint Buyer’s Guide. Moreover, eG Enterprise APM was ranked in the top spot out of 14 vendor solutions.The recognition is based on a composite score from 703 verified real end-user reviews from employees in organizations with over 5000 employees on 14 d