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A Conversation with Petra Wille: My Approach to the Continuous Discovery Habits Community

Product Talk

. – Tweet This I was very intentional about including the word “habits” in my book title, Continuous Discovery Habits , because I wanted to emphasize the fact that anyone can make small changes in their behavior to get better at discovery. Overview of the Continuous Discovery Habits Community: What Is It and Who Participates?

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Feedback Loops Help When to Centralize or Decentralize Product-Based Decisions

Johanna Rothman

Here, I assume you want multiple releases for your product. That means you will make different product-based decisions at different times. Consider the Continuum of Feedback Loops and Decisions. Product owners might want to change the roadmap as often as every 1-10 days, but I don't see that often.


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Six guidelines for successful prototype testing


I’ve run usability testing for over eight years now, and I keep reviewing prototypes that are quite limited. Despite that, some professionals new to UX research expect many insights to validate the design hypothesis based on just a few pages. Testing prototypes at an early stage and failing fast is excellent.

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Product in Practice: Mapping Opportunities at trivago

Product Talk

A lot of product teams claim to be focused on their users. This is why Teresa talks about continuous discovery in terms of forming new habits. It’s not so much about becoming perfect at continuous discovery (because there really isn’t such a thing). Have a Product in Practice story you’d like to share with Product Talk readers?

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Defining Guidelines in Product Management

The Product Guy

Guest Post by: Candice Zhang (Mentee, Session 11, The Product Mentor) [Paired with Mentor, Tauheed Ahmed]. When I first researched about product management, I asked seasoned product managers how they started and they gave me very different kinds of answers. Also who is to define “good” in various industries and companies?

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How we set up our Team for Continuous Product Discovery

Mind the Product

The Dilemma With Product Discovery. Even with very short cycles between discovery and delivery, it can take up to several months from identifying a user problem to the release of a potential solution to real users. The Magical Intersection of Product Discovery. Let’s start with the business.

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UX Strategy: Step-By-Step Guide for SaaS Companies


According to Jamie Levy, the main tenets of a UX strategy are business strategy, value innovation, validated user research , and frictionless UX. Goals are the specific UX objectives the product aspires to achieve, for example, improving usability. The strategy should also have information about the UX team, processes, and guidelines.