How We’re Turning Feedback into Strategic Product Decisions


There is no shortage of product ideas. Customer feedback, feature requests, and new ideas born from your interpretation of your product strategy—can all be the starting point for your company’s next great opportunity. An idea alone does not solve a problem.

The Importance of Crowdsourcing Your Product Ideas


You created your product to help customers solve a problem and align with your organization’s product vision. Your initial product version probably helped solve a problem, but you also realized you weren’t done. Each of those changes starts as an idea.


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Idea Backlog


What is an Idea Backlog? In product management , an idea backlog is a list of ideas that need more discussion or vetting before the company can decide whether to move forward with them. The product team has not rejected the idea.

Greenfield Project


Product managers use greenfield to describe developing a new product, as opposed to enhancing or building on an existing product. We can segment this concept further into two types of new products: A product that’s new for the company making it. The first product of its kind anywhere. This is a true greenfield project in that the automaker will be starting with no comparable product anywhere to analyze. Project management framework.

Product Leadership in Scrum

Roman Pichler

Scrum is a simple framework with three roles: product owner, development team, and Scrum Master. As the product owner, you lead the product and are responsible for its overall success. While the three roles exercise different leadership, the people involved must effectively collaborate to achieve product success and align product strategy, roadmap, backlog, design and technology, and process decisions—without losing focus of their respective core responsibility. [1].

Product Management Process: The 7 Stages Explained


What does the product management process involve? Why is it important for product managers to follow them? Product managers lead interdisciplinary product teams to deliver products that bring value to customers. What is product management?

5 Best Practices for Gathering Customer Feedback in 2018

Pragmatic Marketing

This was the subject line of an email I recently received from an account manager at a financial management software vendor. We rely on this product every day—it is important to our business. So of course our team had told the account manager (many times over the past six months) about the one major improvement that we would really benefit from. And yet there I was with a mass email full of ideas. No wonder the product was evolving at a slothful pace.