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Everything you need to know about Pulse AI for customer experience 

Alchemer Mobile

It’s driven by tools like ChatGPT and Gemini, and nothing has captured attention quite so effectively since social media hit the scene promising free technology to get closer to their customers. Right now, enterprise companies are thinking about how they can scale proven use cases with less technical knowledge to drive business goals.

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“Build What Matters” Framework for Startups

The Product Coalition

The importance of measuring the small outcomes associated with their product goals or visions is the key to churn expected benefits throughout the product life cycle. In summary, this framework gives an opportunity to discover, experiment, build, measure, learn and sell the product for outcomes aligned with the product vision.

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40+ Amazon Product Manager Interview Questions

The Product HQ

Amazon Product Manager Interview Questions Massive tech companies like Amazon have tons of products that require several product managers to work together. Strategy Questions The second scale bring broad responsibility of product managers to develop a product vision and product roadmap. Explain the idea behind ACID transactions.

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Product Discovery Tips

Roman Pichler

Having said that, it’s ok to address key UX and technology risks and evaluate important user interaction and architecture options as part of the discovery work. But the bulk of the UX design, user story writing, and technology work should be done after you have successfully validated the problem.

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Applying Proto-Strategy to Product Management

The Product Guy

In my company, we review a living document with our management chain on a quarterly basis to align business direction for the short-term (immediate one to two quarters) to the long-term (two to five years). No formal stakeholder review as this is meant to be the first version that will undergo many iterations and refinements.

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Product Manager CV Template – How to Create The Perfect PM resume? [+ tips from experts]


Product managers with technical skills such as SQL or technical stack are in high demand, so highlight them in your resume. Show off your Product Manager (technical) skills. Here’s what Ritesh Thombre, Sr Product Manager(Data & Analytics) at ZS advises: Ritesh Thombre on presenting skillsets in your resume.

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The Path Beyond CSM


Preparing and presenting executive reviews. The technology and platforms both Sales and CS use often have similar capabilities. While it requires more of a technical background, as a CSM, you come with the perspective of knowing the customer’s needs and goals. You can better advise on valid customer pain points.