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Product Metrics Cheat Sheet

The Product Coalition

List of product metrics for every category Continue reading on Product Coalition »

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Trailblazing Women in Product Management: Costanza Montresor, Global Head of Consumer Digital Security Product at Vodafone

280 Group

For our next installment of the Women in Product Management Series I interviewed Costanza Montresor, Global Head of Consumer Digital Security Product at Vodafone. To read the entire series on Women in Product Management make sure to sign up for our newsletter. How did you get into Product Management? At the start of my career, I had roles in various departments, from online e-commerce, to media, and strategy.


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The most important soft skills for product managers

Mind the Product

This guest post written by Assaph Mehr, Head of Product at RecordPoint, delves into the most important soft skills for product managers. [.] Read more » The post The most important soft skills for product managers appeared first on Mind the Product.

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Monetizing Your Product: A Guide to Pricing Strategies and Techniques

The Product Coalition

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get” — Warren Buffett Continue reading on Product Coalition »

Strategy 150
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Platform Product Management Beyond Features: Introducing B-MAP for Platform Ecosystem Success

Traditional PM struggles with the complexities of platform ecosystems. B-MAP framework tackles this challenge. B-MAP goes beyond features, focusing on building, managing, adapting, and partnering to foster a thriving platform ecosystem.

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Reinventing our wheel: The vision behind Intercom’s new Messenger

Intercom, Inc.

At Intercom, we’ve reinvented different parts of our product many times over the years – most recently, our Messenger. This evolution always starts with one thing: a clear product vision. All products follow the same life cycle: development, growth, maturity, decline. An inevitable slide into decline sounds ominous. And, when products are in this phase, users can feel it: it’s the slow, clunky, dated experience you get when using previous-generation tech.

Vision 118

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Product Differentiation by Innovation: Strategies and Tactics Explained

The Product Coalition

Ways you can innovate and make your digital products stand out.

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Outsmart, Outpace: 2 Surefire Strategies to Crush Your Software Competition


As a software vendor, the race to attract and retain users is relentless. Your rivals are constantly innovating, adding features, and vying for market share. So, how do you stay ahead of the curve and secure lasting success? Forget feature overload – here are two strategic, high-impact ways to leapfrog your competition and cement your. The post Outsmart, Outpace: 2 Surefire Strategies to Crush Your Software Competition appeared first on Qrvey.

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Clint Padgett – Project Success

Episode Information: Clint has a conversation with Doug Bawel, chairman of the board and CEO at Jasper Engines & Transmissions. During their discussion, the two chat about Doug’s 46-year career at Jasper, the importance of valuing and retaining quality team members, and the realization that being a good mentor means allowing for failure. Plus, Doug gives his thoughts on EVs and the future of the internal combustion engine.

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Don’t let these 6 product nightmares terrorize you — Productboard is here to help


A special thanks to Dean Peters and the 280 Group for collaborating with us on this project! You wake up with a start. Your heart is racing. Your legs feel like jelly. Just a moment ago you were being chased by a HiPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion). Or was it the Feature From the Backlog Lagoon? Or a swarm of bugs? Whatever it was, it made you want to scream.

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Reimagined: Building Products with Generative AI

“Reimagined: Building Products with Generative AI” is an extensive guide for integrating generative AI into product strategy and careers featuring over 150 real-world examples, 30 case studies, and 20+ frameworks, and endorsed by over 20 leading AI and product executives, inventors, entrepreneurs, and researchers.

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Why Product Roadmap Management Software Is Essential for Manufacturers

Gocious Blog

Have you ever found yourself cursing your phone when the functions become increasingly sluggish after every new model launch? This is because companies like Apple and Samsung make sure their products are designed to best align with the brand-new software update. While it might seem like a simple market strategy to get people talking about the newest updates, the reality of launching products that require software and hardware elements is that it is a very intricate process.

Roadmap 52
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Five Keys To Product Success (Conception, Launch, Marketing) With David Fradin

Spice Catalyst


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Engineering Blog


The post Engineering Blog appeared first on.

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How to publish your Figma design as a functional website with no code

Michael J. Fordham

Designing for the web can be a little repetitive. Typically after you’ve done all your research and are satisfied you know what to build, you’ll hop into a design tool like Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD and design a high-fidelity, pixel-perfect interface. Then — depending on your process — you’ll either pass your designs on to developers who might not implement your vision exactly as you saw it, or you’ll have to completely recreate the design again in another tool.

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Entity Resolution Checklist: What to Consider When Evaluating Options

Are you trying to decide which entity resolution capabilities you need? It can be confusing to determine which features are most important for your project. And sometimes key features are overlooked. Get the Entity Resolution Evaluation Checklist to make sure you’ve thought of everything to make your project a success! The list was created by Senzing’s team of leading entity resolution experts, based on their real-world experience.

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Engagement Gamification: The Fun Way to Boosting User Engagement


Boosting user engagement is a surefire way to nurture customer loyalty, but how do you actually encourage users to use your product? In this article, we’re going to go over how engagement gamification increases user engagement, how you can implement it, and the best practices to follow! TL;DR Gamification increases customer engagement by making your product more entertaining, creating a sense of friendly competition, and rewarding behaviors that you’d like users to repeat.

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Centralized vs Decentralized Idea Management


When you’re creating a new product or trying to improve an existing product, you rely on a steady stream of ideas to move your product forward. But if you aren’t careful, that steady stream of ideas can quickly become a flood that inundates your team and makes it impossible to get anything done. Without idea management , you’ll quickly find that you spend more time wading through ideas than creating a winning product.