Thu.May 16, 2024

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A no-code approach to building MVPs 

Mind the Product

The article explores how no-code and low-code development platforms empower product managers to build and launch MVPs without extensive coding knowledge. I have layered insights from my own experience in working with these tools as well. Read more » The post A no-code approach to building MVPs appeared first on Mind the Product.

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Be fundamentally different, not incrementally better | Jag Duggal (Nubank, Facebook, Google, Quantcast)

Lenny Rachitsky

Brought to you by: • WorkOS —Modern identity platform for B2B SaaS, free up to 1 million MAUs • Mercury —The powerful and intuitive way for ambitious companies to bank • OneSchema —Import CSV data 10x faster — Jag Duggal is chief product officer at Nubank, a decacorn neobank founded in Brazil. It’s valued at over $30 billion, is bigger than Coinbase, Robinhood, Affirm, and SoFi combined, has 100 million customers (more than Bank of America!


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Product Roadmapping: Frequent Challenges Automotive Manufacturers Face

Gocious Blog

In the dynamic landscape of automotive manufacturing, product roadmapping software is a crucial tool for innovation and success. However, it has its challenges. From rapid technological advancements to market demands, automotive manufacturers must navigate a complex web of factors to make successful products, and roadmaps can help make it happen.

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Idea Maps 101: How to Use Them in Your Product Strategy

The Product Manager

There’s no satisfaction quite like outlining your thoughts in a clear, structured, visual format. Here’s everything you need to know about idea mapping with your product team! The post Idea Maps 101: How to Use Them in Your Product Strategy appeared first on The Product Manager.

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10 Rules for Managing Apache Cassandra

It’s no surprise that Apache Cassandra has emerged as a popular choice for organizations of all sizes seeking a powerful solution to manage their data at a scale—but with great power comes great responsibility. Due to the inherent complexity of distributed databases, this white paper will uncover the 10 rules you’ll want to know when managing Apache Cassandra.

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Protected: Advanced TypeScript Patterns for Enterprise Applications: A Comprehensive Guide


This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: The post Protected: Advanced TypeScript Patterns for Enterprise Applications: A Comprehensive Guide appeared first on Split.

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Day 2 at Pulse 2024 Gets “Real” About Community and Innovation


Like the final bell of the school year, the end of day 2 at Pulse is always bittersweet. Everything always seems to happen too fast, which is why we love to recap all the best moments here. We say it’s for you, but it’s also for us. Let’s dive into our newest, favorite memories! Two-Way Communication Is at the Core of the Best Communities We’ve had special guests at every Pulse, but it felt like everyone in the St.

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Beyond metrics: How Notion measures the value of its ‘helpful’ content


All companies produce some kind of content, whether that’s in the form of a blog, videos, or social media posts—but what are most of them really getting out of these efforts? Some teams might be happy with just earning organic website traffic. Others might be getting an occasional click on the “Contact Sales” button. But how can teams know that they’re being truly helpful to customers, prospects, potential partners, and other people consuming their content?

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And the Winner Is…The 2024 GameChanger Award Winners Are Here!


Another Pulse means a new crop of GameChanger award winners. Recognizing innovation and leadership in the customer success industry is one of our favorite parts of the entire event. This year, the winners truly inspired us and we are so excited to celebrate their achievements. Without further ado, here are the 2024 GameChanger Award Winners! The Architect: Lucid Software The first award is The Architect, a company that goes above and beyond to build a thriving customer community.