Fri.Aug 18, 2023

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Why You Need Strategic Goals You’ll Likely Never Meet

The Product Coalition

How Strategic Goals Act As Your Guide Into the Future Continue reading on Product Coalition »

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The fusion phenomenon: product strategy vs UX strategy

Mind the Product

Making the case for the unification of product strategy and UX strategy, its advantages and potential pitfalls Read more » The post The fusion phenomenon: product strategy vs UX strategy appeared first on Mind the Product.


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Craft Isn’t the End Goal, Impact Is


To stakeholders, UX research is a means to an end (impact & profit)—teach them to care about your craft by learning to speak their language.

UX 98
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Winning with Product Metrics


Metrics matter. Would any self-respecting product team disagree? Maybe you’ve installed tracking in your product. The data is there, but what does it mean? It’s like staring at the Matrix. You’re drowning in data, but starving for insight. Then you hear Melissa Perri talk about doubling acquisition with a meal kit delivery service.

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7 Pitfalls for Apache Cassandra in Production

Apache Cassandra is an open-source distributed database that boasts an architecture that delivers high scalability, near 100% availability, and powerful read-and-write performance required for many data-heavy use cases. However, many developers and administrators who are new to this NoSQL database often encounter several challenges that can impact its performance.

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Virtual Tech Staff: Your Secret Weapon for Scaling Success

TurnKey Labs

In the dynamic world of technology-driven business, the path to scaling success is often paved with innovative strategies and resourceful solutions. As companies navigate the challenges of expansion, competition, and evolving market demands, one powerful tool has emerged as a secret weapon: Virtual Tech Staff.

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Technical Sourcing Guide for Beginners to Find the Best Tech Talent

TurnKey Labs

Are you on a quest to build a dream tech team? Navigating the vast sea of tech talent can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially if you’re new to the game. But fret not because we’ve got your back!

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What if I Invest in My Employees & They Leave?

Business of Software Conference

“What if I invest in my employees & they Leave?” It’s an old question. The answer of course is another question. What if you invest in your employees & they stay? Let us introduce you to a couple of great people who understand the challenge and we’re delighted to have them both as supporters of BoS Conference USA 2023, Raleigh, NC, 2-4 October.

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BoS Bytes

Business of Software Conference

BoS Bytes – 3 Things to Make You Smarter There’s a ton of terrible content out there. Three golden nuggets I guarantee are worth your time. Developers Depression and Tech This talk is 10 years old but a classic that opened up a much wider discussion about mental health in the tech community. You wouldn’t expect a talk about depression to be hilarious but this from Greg Baugues is.

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