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The Chocolate Cake Problem

Mironov Consulting

On either side, it’s easy to assume bad intent or have this get personal.  Almost  (Hint: replacing everyone on those teams doesn’t seem to fix the problem.)  When prospects say they need something, sales teams mostly take them at their word. From this side, we see the world one account at a time.  Sequentially,

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Your Audience’s Real Roadmap Questions

Mironov Consulting

I get pulled into lots of discussions among product managers about the best ways to represent (and then present and present and present) roadmaps or backlogs, especially to internal sales/marketing/support audiences. Each functional group has its own product priorities, so each wants a different roadmap. Just sign here.”)

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Chief Product Officer: Their Superpowers and Role in SaaS Growth!


In short, the CPO oversees all aspects of a product’s vision, design, and development. However, their (and all product team members’) superpowers and role in SaaS growth is invaluable! How Much Does a Chief Product Officer Earn? What Is a Chief Product Officer? . of a Chief Product Officer.

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The Disproportionate Impact of Coaching on Startup Survival

Bain Public

The right mentoring and coaching support facilitates a startup’s transformation and enables roadmap planning and execution, without straying from the ultimate vision and goal. MAIN: Developing Entrepreneurship in Quebec. of startups assess their chances of survival as weak. The foundation of any successful team is their leader.

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What Do Product Leaders Do?

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Defining my label carefully, a “product leader” is someone who manages a team of product managers. That maps to titles like Director of Product Management, Group Product Manager, VP of Products, or Chief Product Officer. 1] Designing, Building, and Nurturing a Product Team. What does your team and company need?

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Truth needs to be told?—?startups fail because CEOs have lousy bosses

The Product Coalition

you’ll find hundreds of articles, most pointing to the same reasons: No market need Ran out of cash Team problems Pricing/product/business models issues Competition One small problem I have with these reasons. Yet their paths, strategy, roadmap prioritization were not well decided, if set at all. develop a split personality.

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Kevin Indig on searching for meaning and the meaning of search

Intercom, Inc.

And I put together these horrible, bad websites – I’m lucky there’s no evidence of them anymore. I’d love to dive into what those strategies were like, especially first at Atlassian, particularly because they had no sales team. Atlassian does not have an outbound sales team.