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TEI 309: Product management strategy – with Allan Anderson, PhD

Product Innovation Educators

The importance of an organizational game plan for product managers. I started a new series to explore the Product Development and Management Body of Knowledge. Today we are discussing strategy. Today, we focus on strategy. 2:28] What is strategy?

6 Remote Product Management Strategies to Implement for the Long-Term


Remote product management strategies are no longer a “niche” topic. So much of product management is about the relationships we form with our coworkers and customers, as well as effectively communicating complex subjects and building consensus.


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Tactfully rejecting feature requests

The Product Coalition

business product-management strategy customer-service decision-makingMaster the art of communicating a “positive no” Continue reading on Product Coalition ».

WSJF?—?Weighted Shortest Job First Prioritization Framework

The Product Coalition

The little-known framework that you need in your Product Management Toolbox. product-management strategy software-development planning product-prioritizationContinue reading on Product Coalition ».

Features vs Products?—?What’s the Difference?

The Product Coalition

” are the ultimate trigger words for any Product Manager. startup product-management strategy technology development“That’s just a feature.” Continue reading on Product Coalition ».

What Can Early-Stage Product Managers Learn From Stand-Up Comics

The Product Coalition

leadership technology product-manager product-management strategyBuild a Product Roadmap like a Comedy Routine Continue reading on Product Coalition ».

Finding a Framework for Strategy Insights

Mind the Product

Having the right insights is a critical component in creating a strategy. While this is very obvious and widely mentioned in every piece of strategy advice, the truth is that there are no resources that detail how to generate them.

Start Measuring Outcomes

The Product Coalition

startup roadmaps outcomes product-management strategyEven with Feature Roadmaps, you should be creating an Outcome Mindset Continue reading on ».

3 things I learned when achieving economies of scale as an entrepreneur.

The Product Coalition

product-management strategy entrepreneurship buisness startupEconomies of scale are fundamental for any product or business in any industry. The concept represents the cost and competitive advantages… Continue reading on ».

Innovation – Between Chaos and Standardization

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ISO-56002: Innovation Management Systems. When I started ISO-56002, Innovation Management Systems training, I was quite skeptical about how an ISO standard and the innovation can sit together. It defines a framework, an Innovation Management System.

The 7 Step Process of Driving Change

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The team or management may still prefer the status quo over volatility and risk. Management’s question of “So what?” You don’t have to be a manager, or even a senior to drive change if you do it the right way.

Deliver Big Value Quickly with a Small Team

Modus Create

So how did our tiny, fully remote, and distributed team managed to overcome these obstacles and take a new idea from birth to a fully functional product loved by thousands of users in just a few short months?

5 Ways the Product Community Can Inspire the World – Part 2: Frameworks

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Definitely not, we are not superhumans, we are just those that faced uncertainties before, and managed to overcome them. Industry Product Management Strategy Agile Agile Software COVID-19 COVID19 Cross Functional Teams Product

Remote Workshops Are the Killer App for 2020

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To be more intentional, take the time to think about strategy. Customer Experience Product Management Strategy Collaboration Future of Work Product Strategy Remote Meetings Remote Work Remote Workshops WFH Work From Home

When to Consider Setting Up A/B Testing

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I have a confession to make: as a growth-oriented product manager, I tend to gravitate towards A/B testing whenever I can. Customer Experience Product Management Strategy A/B Testing KPIs Marketing Performance Product Mangement Project Management Testing

Three Product Strategy Tools to Use in Your Next PM Interview

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Tim has recruited, mentored, and managed product managers in each of these positions, so you could say he knows a thing or two about interviewing for product managers. These strategy tools will help you find the answers in a logical manner.

Starter KPIs for B2B/Enterprise

Mironov Consulting

If we’re supposed to manage a corporation’s employee 401(k) program, how many weeks after invoicing can their first employee change a payroll deduction ? I’m often asked what KPIs B2B/enterprise product folks should use, or what OKRs they should choose.

When going fast is not the same as going somewhere

The Product Coalition

With decentralized structures on the rise, we should remember Porter’s fundamental concepts of business strategy that explain the success of today’s business heavyweights. Michael Porter was aware of this when writing the iconic “What is Strategy?”.

Plan Product Strategy from Business’ Angle

The Product Coalition

It’s common in product management that product managers work on components, features, or functions that are part of a product. Lack of a big picture or a high-level perspective would make product management fragmented?—?we How should we plan product strategy so that each component/feature/function is moving towards the same direction, and they interact with each other to create synergies and cohesiveness?

Announcing Modus Kickstart

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After working with companies of all sizes, Modus has developed a process that brings product management, design, and engineering together. Product Management Strategy Modus Kickstart Product Product Kickstart

Modus Product Management and Strategy Practice

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Product management teams are overwhelmed. The root cause: there is no universal definition of what product management is, and as generalists, product managers end up doing everything. We believe that product strategy is at the heart of every successful digital product.

Podcast: Cross-Functional Soft Skills for Product Leaders

Mironov Consulting

I joined Richard Chen of Product Gym for a podcast about product management, soft skills, and understanding what motivates other functional groups – Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Support.

The Correlation between Hype and Opportunity in Product Development

Modus Create

Product Management Strategy Gartner Industry Opportunity Product DevelopmentA while ago I had a very interesting discussion on how we would evaluate the market’s readiness for a new product.

Creating Effective and Sustainable Growth Practices

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Additionally, these strategies will vary greatly from company to company and product to product. Processes are also required to make sure we are rigorous, thorough, and methodical when interpreting and sharing results, as to drive our next experiment and longer-term strategy.

Adapting Google’s HEART Framework to Measure Customer Success

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One of the most difficult decisions product managers make is how to measure customer success. Customer Experience Product Management Strategy Analytics Customer Happiness Engagement KPIs Metrics Product Growth

Planning and Execution in a Time of Change

The Product Coalition

Google, still just a scale-up in 2001, managed to come out stronger from the dot com bust and made a successful IPO in 2004. What’s our strategy? The strategy and derived plans are therefore little more than a house of cards. What strategy should you use then?

How to Quickly Adjust Your Strategy to the New Reality

The Product Coalition

It was clear to me that there is a challenge that every single product leader worldwide is dealing with these days, and it is the necessity to redefine and adjust their product or business strategy, and do it fast. Choose one, good, happy path, and create your strategy around it.

Why Strategic Focus Is Important Even for a Hairdresser

The Product Coalition

It happens because up until this point, you were able to manage with the level of answers that you have (that’s how you got them, you needed them to get going), and getting sharper on these questions is not easy to do ?—?so That’s why I am launching today a new service of strategy review ?—?allowing

Getting Started with Product Data Management


But getting to that point requires an investment in product data management. Strong data management ensures that data ported into an analytics system is clean, accurate and reliable. Weak data management, however, can take many forms. What Is Product Data Management?

A Maturity Model for Data Management (& Where Your Team Fits In)


So, you could say we’ve seen our fair share of strategies for managing incoming event data. Strategy #2: Approval Workflow - Intermediate Maturity in Data Management. Strategy #3: Event Planning Workflow - Advanced Maturity in Data Management.

How to be a Great Product Manager According to Experts at Dropbox, Stripe, and Concur


How do you manage executive expectations, customer expectations, and technical resources? How do you promote gender diversity in the product management field? I’m a product manager at Dropbox , and I have been a product manager now for about just under 10 years.

Logotherapy is Product Management work

The Product Coalition

Many words were written about the essence of the product manager role, yet it is still an elusive term. Could the product manager's role be crucial to a company’s success and yet be vaguely defined? Now we can take that concept into our product management strategy.

A Maturity Model for Data Management (& Where Your Team Fits In)


So, you could say we’ve seen our fair share of strategies for managing incoming event data. – Beginner Maturity in Data Management. Strategy #2: Approval Workflow. – Intermediate Maturity in Data Management. Strategy #3: Event Planning Workflow.

Introducing Product Analytics for Dummies


When they spoke with over 350 product development leaders for Amplitude’s 2020 Product Intelligence Report , they found that 44% of the companies we surveyed grew by at least 25% by using product analytics as a part of their growth strategy. A big part of data management is data governance.

5 Key Responsibilities of a Product Owner


Even the job title product manager, which is also misunderstood, is more intuitive. Managing products? Here’s how ProductPlan defines product owner : The product owner bridges the gap between product strategy and development. Managing and prioritizing the product backlog.

Announcing the 2020 GameChanger Award Winners


The GameChanger Awards are designed to recognize and celebrate our customers who have achieved significant results using Gainsight to support their business strategy, customers, teammates, and partners. . Nominated by: Emily Ryan, Director, Success Management Strategy & Operations. “I

5 Steps to Engage Stakeholders in Your BI Project


So, as a Project Manager, this means that the first step in your BI project is persuading those decision-makers to support your BI initiative. Stakeholders are often seen as barriers for Project Managers to overcome, especially when it comes to initiatives like implementing BI reporting capabilities. DBAs tasking with managing related databases. IT will be concerned about the level of added complexity in managing technical assets versus the benefits they gain.

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Shouldn't we measure the mid-career professionals differently


The workforce is supposed to do 2 things primarily Make Strategy Execute the strategy The top management makes the strategy and the workforce at the lower levels are busy in executing it. The top management is generally evaluated based on revenue targets.

Stakeholder Alignment: 3 Tips to Manage Stakeholder Relationships and Improve Retention


It is mission critical that you, as a Customer Success (CS) leader or Customer Success Manager (CSM), connect with the customer where you comprehend why they purchased your product, what the goals were for its use, and get them to their outcomes.

2 Key Insights to launch successful products - From 2 years of Entrepreneurial experience


Thanks to the internet, various concepts like Customer segments, Lean startup, Product management strategy, Agile, Hook framewor k, Business model canvas, etc. Business business management Methodology product management start-up Strategy

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