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Why customer engagement is the key to business growth in 2022 and beyond

Intercom, Inc.

Whether B2C or B2B, all businesses must now deliver digital experiences that are easy to use, delightful, and personal. As a result, digital technologies are being seen as the critical differentiators they are. Second, expectations are rising for consumer-grade experiences. Read more ?.

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What to do if your product isn’t taking off

Lenny Rachitsky

Cold inbound interest: You’re seeing cold inbound interest in your product. For inspiration, here are the original ideal customer profiles (ICPs) for top B2B products and, below that, the original target audience for top B2C products (what I call the “super-specific who”).

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How B2C companies are using live chat to drive sales and offer a personalized customer experience

Intercom, Inc.

What differentiates Intercom is how engaging the the Visitor Auto Messages are. Lauren says, “Before we were fielding inbound requests just using email and phone, but with chat we’ve opened up a completely new channel for sales. Our welcome message alone prompts valuable conversations we might not have had without the Messenger.

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Do You Measure Up? Metrics for Enterprise SaaS Product Managers


This leads one to wonder, had Google Glass done better customer profiling ahead of launching the product (selling to the B2B audience versus the B2C audience), would the Google Glass had flopped on its initial debut? Two metrics that I’ve found useful for the Top of Funnel include: Conversion percentage from B2B demand generation marketing.

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What 14 startup investors and advisors taught us about chasing (and finding) product-market fit


Also, you will find the customers that you paid for may not be good quality customers, or that you’re not making something differentiated enough.” B2B vs. B2C), but also between products of the same category, and even the same company. This way you have as many attempts to get to product-market fit as possible. Product Manager, Viber.