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15 B2B Marketing Strategies to Drive Conversion and Growth


Creating buzz with consumers or even having a product go viral is quite easy in a B2C (business-to-consumer) environment. However, getting the attention of your target customers with B2B marketing strategies is a lot harder. B2B marketing targets businesses and organizations rather than individual consumers.

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The Most Hands-on Guide for SaaS Go-to-Market Strategy and Product Launch Plans


Whether you’re still validating your SaaS product idea or launching a new feature to an existing product line, thinking about your Go-To-Market Strategy is always relevant. In fact, iterating your strategy and improving each feature Go-To-Market plan as you grow and receive customer feedback is even more important.


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Spendesk’s Nicolas Marchais on evolving with your market

Intercom, Inc.

Nico joined me on Inside Intercom this week, where we discussed everything from the three stages of company growth to how growing companies can address new markets. We’re present on three core markets in Europe: France, UK, and Germany as well as other countries such as the Nordics and Spain, with 1,500 customers that we serve.

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Get Out of the ARPU-CAC Danger Zone with Channel Model Fit

Brian Balfour

The difference between these two are not the common mantras of build a great product, product market fit is the only thing that matters, or growth hacking. I'll walk through some examples: Most B2C companies driven by an ads model — companies like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Yelp — live on the left hand end of the spectrum.

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What to do if your product isn’t taking off

Lenny Rachitsky

And if they don’t find product-market fit, nothing else really matters. Here’s what pain and pull look like in practice: People pay you money: Several people start to (or offer to) pay for your early product, ideally people you don’t have a direct connection to. Why should your target market be so narrow?

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The ultimate marketing technology stack for 2019

Intercom, Inc.

The “shiny penny” approach (focus all your attention on the hottest tools in the market) or “head in the sand” approach (fall victim to analysis paralysis and avoid choosing any tools) are no longer viable. What is a marketing technology stack? Strategy first, technology second. But here’s the thing: a tool is not a strategy.

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What 14 startup investors and advisors taught us about chasing (and finding) product-market fit


Table of Contents The problem with defining product-market fit In search of quantitative indicators of product-market fit 6 things about measuring product-market fit 1. With that in mind, product-market fit is a spectrum 4. Once you find product-market fit, it’s not static 6.