Mon.Dec 04, 2023

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The Critical Role of Product Strategy When Resources Are Limited (Part 2?—?Rounds A, B, and Later)

The Product Coalition

The Critical Role of Product Strategy When Resources Are Limited (Part 2 — Rounds A, B, and Later) When you start selling your product, you feel great, but that doesn’t last for too long. At some point, the results you expected and even produced in the past aren’t replicating. You add features, you replace salespeople, but it doesn’t help. You blame the market, but often that’s just overlooking the real problem.

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466: Use the 4 leadership motions to be more effective – with Janice Fraser

Product Innovation Educators

How product managers can navigate leadership challenges Today we are talking about four leadership motions that enable increased organizational effectiveness and productivity and alleviate organizational friction, waste, and indecision. The motions reflect a need for leadership change as organizations struggle for higher performance while supporting employees.


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Meet Tweag! Modus Create’s open source innovation lab dedicated to developer experience

Modus Create

Today, I am excited to unveil a significant development in Modus Create’s commitment to open source — we have established Tweag as our open source program office (OSPO). Tweag is a cross-functional group to research and develop open source ideas, which ultimately inform and improve the engineering platform we offer our clients as we help them improve the developer experience.

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How Subway’s Product Managers Are Going To Come Back

The Accidental Product Manager

Subway product managers have to come up with a comeback plan Image Credit: Mike Mozart I’m pretty sure that even if you didn’t know it, there are more Subway sandwich restaurants out there than there are McDonald’s restaurants. With the chain being that large, you would expect that they must be doing quite well. In the past that has been the story.

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How to Build an Experimentation Culture for Data-Driven Product Development

Speaker: Margaret-Ann Seger, Head of Product, Statsig

Experimentation is often seen as an aspirational practice, especially at smaller, fast-moving companies who are strapped for time and resources. So, how can you get your team making decisions in a more data-driven way while continuing to remain lean and maintaining ship velocity? In this webinar, Margaret-Ann Seger, Head of Product at Statsig, will teach you how to build an experimentation culture from the ground-up, graduating from just getting started with data-driven development to operating

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What is Workforce Mobility?

TurnKey Labs

“Why did the spreadsheet apply for a comedy club membership? It wanted to excel in humor! Now that we’ve cracked a joke, let’s dive into a topic without any punchlines – Workforce Mobility in R&D. In a world where offices are becoming as outdated as floppy disks, workforce mobility is reshaping how we innovate.


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Implementing CS From Scratch: 4 Best Practices


Customer Success (CS) is one of the most important growth drivers for any company across the globe. From new SaaS companies to established industries like healthcare, the one thing every organization shares is a need to put the customer first. It’s exciting when you think about it. Your company can focus on one philosophy and see positive changes in everything from marketing to product design to Net Revenue Retention rates.

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Webinar Recording: Mastering the Art of Integration: Strategic Planning and AOP with SAFe® for Agile Organizations

Agile Velocity

Recently, Dave Gipp partnered with Adam Mattis of Scaled Agile to discuss strategic planning. Titled, “Mastering the Art of Integration: Strategic Planning with SAFe ® for Agile Organizations”, the webinar explored the challenges many companies face when bridging the gap between strategy and execution. Predicting results is extremely difficult in any environment, and Adam and Dave sought to acknowledge this difficulty while providing real advice around how to pivot and respond to market changes

Webinar 40
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Product Strategy and Product Discovery

Roman Pichler

Listen to the audio version of this article: [link] What is Product Discovery? Product discovery is the process of “figuring out a solution to a problem we’ve been asked to solve,” writes Marty Cagan. [1] It involves understanding and selecting user needs, exploring solutions, and choosing the most appropriate one. Let’s make this more concrete by looking at a popular product discovery tool, Teresa Torres’ Opportunity Solution Tree (OTS). [2] Before I proceed, let me point out that I am neither

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Funnel Drop in SaaS: How to Find And Reduce Drop-Offs


A funnel drop is a sign that something is missing or wrong with your product flow. It could be a technical issue like slow loading times, a usability problem, or simply because your product lacks a clear value proposition. Whatever the case, by tracking your drop-off rate, you’ll be better equipped to address the underlying issue and boost engagement.

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How Embedded Analytics Helps Product Managers Exceed Their KPIs

Embedded analytics can help you deliver cutting-edge analytics experiences to your end-users that align with KPIs that are critical to the growth and success of your business. Read this eBook to learn how an embedded analytics platform, like Qrvey, can help PMs exceed the following KPIs: Growing revenue while improving customer retention rate Delivering rapid time to value Earning a high net-promoter score Increasing Gross Margin / Profitability Conversion rate from trial to paid Don’t just meet

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How Value and Cost of Delay—Not Cost Savings—Applies to Centralization Decisions, Part 2

Johanna Rothman

In the first post, How Centralization Decisions Create Friction, Increase Cycle Time, and Cost Money, Part 1 , I explained how centralizing even relatively small decisions to centralize has high costs. Why do organizations centralize? To supposedly capitalize on “economies of scale.” That's the problem of understanding the cost of work—but not the value of that work.

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12 Essential CRO Metrics to Track in SaaS


From your website to the in-product experience, there are countless CRO metrics to track. But you will get confused trying to keep tabs on everything. This article provides 12 of the most important CRO metrics to help you measure growth at every step of the customer journey. For each metric, we explain what it means, why it’s important, and how to measure it.