Thu.Apr 27, 2017

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Product Requirements: Using a Written or Visual Framework

Mind the Product

There’s a lot of variation in how companies document product requirements. Some are moving away from detailed, written product requirements documents (PRDs), while others are using shorter write-ups, user stories, or jobs-to-be-done formats. Some product teams are moving away from written PRDs to visual artifacts like mockups and prototypes.

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What IS Product Management, really?

Rahul Abhyankar

First things first – no, this is not a clickbait headline. But if you are surprised why this question is even being asked in the first place, let me address that. We have had product management in the industry for a long time now. Proctor & Gamble pioneered the concepts of brand management and market research … Continue reading What IS Product Management, really? → Product Management


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Amplifying the individual voice

dscout People Nerds

A People Nerds interview with Kat Lee of Square

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3 Service Lines That Can Benefit from Partnering with Education Services


Convergence , what does it mean? In the literal sense, convergence is when two, or more, things come together and unite in a common interest or focus. Why are service lines and other internal organizations considering convergence, and why now? The short answer is: recurring revenue models (think subscriptions).

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Unlock Product Growth

Building a foundation for growth begins with the right analytics solution. That’s why we’ve identified 5 key pillars to guide you through the process of comparing product analytics tools and help ensure your organization’s success.