Thu.Feb 02, 2023

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Is your tech stack holding you back? Tips for product leaders to tackle an upgrade


Why product leaders need to understand the different types of product management tools In an increasingly uncertain macroeconomic environment, it’s easy to look at your budget and start cutting out everything you think is extraneous – what software do you really need and what’s just nice to have? While it might seem like a more efficient choice to use a multi-tasking software across your teams.

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Being agile does not mean you can defocus

Mind the Product

Product manager Sharon Feldstein looks at what it really means to be an agile product team today and how to balance this with product strategy and long-term goals When I started my first job in tech, “agile” was THE thing everybody talked about. It was perceived as our savior from writing and executing long PRDs [.] Read more » The post Being agile does not mean you can defocus appeared first on Mind the Product.

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Product Marketing Roadmaps – Your Revenue Destination With Turn-by-Turn Directions

Product Management University

Product marketing roadmaps aren’t a staple in most B2B organizations, but there are a host of reasons they should be. The biggest reason metaphorically speaking, is they willingly “fence the salesforce” into your most lucrative markets and give them a shorter path to meeting sales quotas and revenue goals. What is a Product Marketing Roadmap? A product marketing roadmap is a visual representation of the product/service solutions that will drive the most revenue in each market segment based on th

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Validate Your Idea: The Proven 5-Step Method For Product Success + Free Canvas

The Product Coalition

As product managers, it’s our job to develop solutions that solve real problems for our customers and create value for the business. But with so many potential ideas to pursue, how do you know which ones are worth pursuing? One effective approach is to use a hypothesis-driven product validation framework to ensure that your efforts are focused on the most important questions at the right time.

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7 Pitfalls for Apache Cassandra in Production

Apache Cassandra is an open-source distributed database that boasts an architecture that delivers high scalability, near 100% availability, and powerful read-and-write performance required for many data-heavy use cases. However, many developers and administrators who are new to this NoSQL database often encounter several challenges that can impact its performance.

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What is Content Testing: Benefits, Methods, and Tools


The digital world is full of content. In many cases, content is the first touchpoint of your customer journey – your prospects’ first interaction with your product. Therefore, it’s crucial that your content speaks to them. Content testing is how you ensure that your content is relatable and well-perceived by your audience. Content testing is a form of user experience research that measures the quality and performance of content.

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YouX 2023: What We Learned, Where We’ll Go From Here


Lessons, recordings, and resources from our inaugural virtual UX conference, centered around wellness and connection in the user research community.

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The Easiest Way to Manage Your Entire Product Portfolio

Gocious Blog

As the product manager , it is your responsibility to manage the product portfolio to ensure that your product offering remains relevant and that all products are aligned with the long-term goals of the company.

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Creating a Winning Product and User Feedback Policy: The Importance, Components, and a Step-by-Step Guide


A well-executed product and user feedback policy (PUFP) is a critical aspect of any successful business strategy. This policy outlines the steps taken to effectively gather, manage, and communicate feedback from customers in a manner that promotes trust, accountability, and a deep understanding of the needs and desires of the user base. A strong PUFP is integral to improving products and services, fostering a sense of engagement and appreciation among customers, and driving growth and innovation

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Why comms deserves its own spot on the exec team — Aaron Zamost’s lessons from Square

The Review by First Round

Our guest today is Aaron Zamost. After a comms career at Google, Aaron joined Square in 2011 to lead corporate communications. He went on to join the exec team, reporting directly to Jack Dorsey and leading the comms strategy for Square’s IPO in 2015. In an interesting move, he also took on leading the people organization as well, running both orgs up until he left in late 2020.

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Platform Product Management Beyond Features: Introducing B-MAP for Platform Ecosystem Success

Traditional PM struggles with the complexities of platform ecosystems. B-MAP framework tackles this challenge. B-MAP goes beyond features, focusing on building, managing, adapting, and partnering to foster a thriving platform ecosystem.

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Will ChatGPT Really Change Product Management?


Everyone is talking about ChatGPT and other forms of generative AI, and how they will change the world as we know it. Sure, you can use it for automation and analysis of tasks and data, but can it really replace product managers?

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10 Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples From Successful SaaS Companies to Inspire You


In the process of setting up a user feedback system and looking for successful customer satisfaction survey examples to inspire you? We got you covered! In this article, we will go over the basics of creating a customer satisfaction survey – questions to include, design best practices, and also show you some helpful templates. TL; DR Customer satisfaction survey is a questionnaire designed to evaluate customers’ opinions on a product or experience with a brand.