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Two Development Team Configurations I Lobby Against

Mironov Consulting

 In the enterprise software space, every of our customers and execs will always have another dozen unmet needs, amplified by our enterprise sales teams.  It’s For example, we anticipate that lots of our enterprise customers will need custom connectors to their unique data pipelines.  So

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Differences between B2B and B2C products

The Product Coalition

How are consumer and enterprise products intrinsically different? 1 Product Customization B2B products can be customized to a high degree for each enterprise client as per their needs, especially if you’re trying to provide them with a white-label solution. Even though B2C switching costs are quite high as well (e.g.

B2C 60

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The End of Pre-sales (and Post-sales Too)


What does a leader of Customer Success, Professional Services, Support, Training, etc. Enterprise software, physical hardware, devices and the like could be described like this: Build a product. use as a title ? What’s In a Name? Market a product. Sell a product. (Do Do as little as possible after that).

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Guide to Choosing the Best Customer Education Platform for SaaS


But before then, the features below are a must-have for any customer training software: Contextual in-app guidance. Multimedia content support. Training progress tracking and analytics. Supplemental live training options. Multi-language support and localization. Premium: 15 branches, 1000 users, live chat support.

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Don’t Ask a PM: What’s a typical day as a product manager?

The Product Coalition

Some of them may be relevant depending on if you manage an enterprise or consumer product… or both. Services (customer support, training, etc.) Maybe the markets they serve are completely different (enterprise vs. consumer). Designers (UX/UI designers, UX researchers, etc.) Finance (pricing, revenue, etc.)

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Why Your Entire Company Should Talk with Customers Weekly


serves specialty enterprise customers that are few and hard to engage), starting this initiative within particular departments, as a proof of concept, may be more palatable. Support training and onboarding. Create and conduct more customized onboarding and training experiences. Conduct persona interviews.