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Six guidelines for successful prototype testing


I’ve run usability testing for over eight years now, and I keep reviewing prototypes that are quite limited. Testing prototypes at an early stage and failing fast is excellent. Just don’t expect a massive amount of insights if users cannot do much with them, you are asking them the wrong questions or you only run one test.

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Mobile Test Automation Playbook

The Product Coalition

Manual testing of your mobile products is important and useful. Automated testing really assists with the efficiency here; being able to execute the same tests repeatedly, quickly and timely on a multitude of devices. What is Mobile Test Automation? Why do Mobile Test Automation? an app or website.


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Middle Management Guideline: Only Plan for as Long As Your Management Can Commit

Johanna Rothman

The couple of times the teams had no obvious next project, they chose to finish their unfinished work: insufficient test automation and those irritating defects. The post Middle Management Guideline: Only Plan for as Long As Your Management Can Commit appeared first on Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant.

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How To Find 100+ Free Beta Users for Beta Testing In 2023


Are you ready to take your product from concept to triumph through effective beta testing? The journey from idea to success hinges on the crucial stage of beta testing. In this article, we’ll unveil the secrets of beta testing and unveil game-changing strategies to redefine your approach to product launches.

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Mobile App Software Testing: A 10-Step Guide for a Successful Digital Transformation Journey

The Product Coalition

In the article, I’ll cover the most significant mobile software testing types to bear in mind on the digital transformation journey. as well as the industry, target audience, and distribution channel, the testing process will differ. Functional testing As practice shows, mobile users are intolerant to low-quality software ?

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Revolutionizing Design with AI-Powered Design Systems

UX Planet

They will also train a machine to produce screens based on typography, color, components, and design system guidelines. Here is an example of a test I did with ChatGPT. I asked ChatGPT to follow the Google Material Design guidelines to add styles. I created a simple form with inputs and a submit button.

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Difference Between Usability and Accessibility Testing

Modus Create

Thorough testing of a website’s usability and accessibility improves engagement, increases retention, and reduces the risk of costly lawsuits. Therefore, digital accessibility testing is an important subset of usability testing. To check usability, we test button interactions, form fields, navigation, and user flow.