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Product Launch Manager Role – Everything You Need to Know


What does the product launch manager do? Does your organization really need such a role if you already have a product manager ? The product launch manager coordinates the work of cross-functional teams and supports the product manager during product launches. What is a product launch manager?

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The Secret to a Successful Product Launch: Tying Your Launch to Your Roadmap Strategy


Product professionals spend countless hours researching, prioritizing, and planning, all in the name of creating a successful product launch. To add more complexity to this issue, these teams handling the launch processes typically coordinate their efforts in a tool that is entirely separate from the product roadmap.


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From Sketchpad to Strategy: Design Alchemy in Product Management

UX Planet

This metamorphosis was not just a change in title; it was a profound realization of the impact that research and strategy can have on the very foundation of the products we create. In the dynamic landscape of product development, the fusion of design strategy and product management is not just a theoretical concept but a lived reality.

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490: Product Process: Fourth of Seven Knowledge Areas of Product Mastery – with Chad McAllister, PhD

Product Innovation Educators

Goals and Objectives: Outlines specific and measurable goals related to the project’s contribution to business strategy, operational goals, and project-specific objectives. Development: Designing, prototyping, and preparing for the product launch.

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Strategic Product Management: The Role of a Strategic Product Manager


In the article, we’re looking at the responsibilities of strategic product managers and how they can use data effectively to shape product strategy and deliver delightful experiences to users! Product strategy defines who we are building for, what to build, and how to build it. What is product strategy?

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5 Factors to Consider When Building Your Product Strategy


When it comes to product strategy, there is so much conflicting advice that getting started can be confusing. Some companies’ strategies are so generic that they could mean anything, or nothing at all—as perfectly illustrated in this product strategy madlibs , which fills in the blanks with buzzwords and jargon and calls it a strategy.

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Product Portfolio Management & the Strategic Ripple Effect 10 of 10 – How to Set Customer Success Managers Up To Play Offense

Product Management University

If you’re interested in how a product portfolio management model can make your product management, product marketing, sales, customer on-boarding and customer success teams more effective in ways that are measurable, contact us and see how our training programs can elevate the performance of all customer-facing functions across the board.