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Technical Review: A Trusted Look Under the Hood

TechEmpower - Product Management

Many CEOs of software-enabled businesses call us with a similar concern: Are we getting the right results from our software team? We hear them explain that their current software development is expensive, deliveries are rarely on time, and random bugs appear. What does a business leader do in this situation?

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Digital Sustainability: A Growing Frontier in Software Development

The Product Coalition

Software development with sustainability in mind is a rising trend in digital spaces. While software is intangible and doesn’t directly consume energy or produce emissions, its environmental implications lie in its development and usage. As software builders, we are uniquely positioned to influence this environmental trajectory.


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Revolutionizing Design with AI-Powered Design Systems

UX Planet

Exploring How AI Will Revolutionize Design System Creation, Maintenance, and Usage Design systems are an important part of every product app or website. Apart from the use and growth of design systems, the revolution of AI technology is here, and it will affect many places in our design process. But how will it be affected?

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Pendo Free: A Thorough Review + Better Alternatives


That’s exactly what we explore in our review. This includes unlimited no-code features and page tagging, user segmentation , and behavioral analytics. Retroactive analytics Retroactive analytics enables non-technical product teams to track user behavior data without any coding. Pendo review. No integrations.

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5 Best No-Code Tools for Product Managers


Using no-code tools for product managers allows you to build, iterate, and deploy software products without any coding knowledge. Let’s review the top five no-code tools tailored for product teams, including their key features and usage in product management. But what is the best tech stack for product management?

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Sprint Review – Make it Much More Than a Demo…

Agile Velocity

In a previous post in our Scrum Assessment Series , we shared some ideas to help catalyze engaging sprint reviews. Here, we take a deeper dive into the topic of awesome Sprint Reviews. The Sprint Review, just like the Retrospective , is an important feedback loop in a Scrum team’s toolbox. Why is the Review so important?

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The Benefits of Leveraging Feature Toggles in Software Development


Feature Toggles, or feature flags as they’re often called, are a powerful tool for software engineers. Feature toggles have become increasingly popular among software developers. This is probably due to their ability to improve agility, accelerate time-to-market velocity, and increase reliability. Take notes! Take notes!