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Product Managers and Technical Skills: What’s the Deal?

The Product Coalition

We’re well overdue a conversation about Product Managers and technical skills. And yet…we all seem to stay hung up on technical skills. Here we’re going into asking the age-old question: do Product Managers need technical skills? Why does learning new tech skills feel like such an insurmountable challenge?

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2021 Engagement Benchmarks for Education Apps

Alchemer Mobile

Education was one of the hardest hit industries in 2020. Quick transitions to remote learning, usage and integration hurdles, lack of funding for new tech, and massive fluctuations in MAU all played a role in delivering a challenging year for educators and education technology across the country. Let’s start with the bad.


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Diversity and Inclusion: Are You Sabotaging Your Product Success?

280 Group

“Diversity and Inclusion” are some of the hottest topics in the Tech industry. It is due to the discriminatory gatekeeping in the interview process and the lack of career advancement for Black PMs who do get through the door. Former Tech founders transitioning into Product. That’s the skill that should be sought after.

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5 Climate Tech Startups to Watch


Climate tech, which refers to technologies and businesses focused on combating climate change , such as reducing CO2 emissions and combating global warming, is gaining momentum, especially in the United States. Climate tech funding has increased significantly. The market size of climate tech in the U.S.

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24 AI Podcasts to Expand Your Knowledge & Explore the Future of Technology


In this article, we’ve selected 24 of the best AI podcasts for you to listen to improve your knowledge of AI and keep up to date with the future of AI technology in product management and more. It is a valuable resource for ML/AI researchers, data scientists, engineers, and tech-savvy business and IT leaders. TL;DR

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2021 Engagement Benchmarks for Media Apps

Alchemer Mobile

Media and Entertainment apps played a critical role in helping us get through 2020. Technology (media creation, connectivity, etc.). News apps saw incredibly high retention rates , likely due to how much news people consumed and the fact that there was breaking news almost daily. Technology Apps. Music Apps.

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2020 on Inside Intercom

Intercom, Inc.

Given how unprecedented 2020 has been, with turbulence and tragedy on so many fronts, it’s hard to try and pick a post that sums up the year on Inside Intercom. The post 2020 on Inside Intercom appeared first on Inside Intercom. From all of us here on the Intercom Content team, we wish you a very peaceful and safe holiday season.