Tue.Apr 25, 2023

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Product management in the era of AI and Machine Learning

Mind the Product

In this guest post, Prashant Mahajan, Founder of Zeda.io, delves into the opportunities that lie ahead for product managers due to the rise of AI and ML. Read more » The post Product management in the era of AI and Machine Learning appeared first on Mind the Product.

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Creating a Value Based Resume – Stop TELLING and Start SELLING

Product Management University

Creating a value based resume means it’s time to treat yourself as a product that has strategic (employer) value. The hard part is avoiding the trap of TELLING employers what the product (you) does versus SELLING its value. Here we are in the early part of 2023 and so many of my talented friends, former colleagues and customers have fallen victim to the mass layoffs in high tech.


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How to use existing product documentation to generate marketing materials using AI

Mind the Product

A step-by-step guide to generating accurate marketing materials with your existing product documentation and AI. Read more » The post How to use existing product documentation to generate marketing materials using AI appeared first on Mind the Product.

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Issues with Data Gaps? Wrangle 'Em Together with Triangulation

dscout People Nerds

If you haven’t had much experience with triangulation it may feel intimidating—but this guide will help get you started.

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Beyond the Basics of A/B Tests: Highly Innovative Experimentation Tactics You Need to Know

Speaker: Timothy Chan, PhD., Head of Data Science

Are you ready to move beyond the basics and take a deep dive into the cutting-edge techniques that are reshaping the landscape of experimentation? 🌐 From Sequential Testing to Multi-Armed Bandits, Switchback Experiments to Stratified Sampling, Timothy Chan, Data Science Lead, is here to unravel the mysteries of these powerful methodologies that are revolutionizing how we approach testing.

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The Impact of Increased Software on Hardware Product Management

Gocious Blog

The advancement of software technology has fueled a change across the product manufacturing industry by integrating software into traditional hardware products. Consider thermostats, ovens, lights, garage doors, cars, machines, and even pet feeders.

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Jonathan Pardo - Music, The Beatles Rock Band, QA, and "Chaos Mode"


In this episode, Jonathan Pardo (Owlchemy Labs, formerly at Sonos) shares insights from his career in music, audio, and technology. He also discusses his time overseeing a community of over 150,000 testers, and highlighted the potential for personal and career growth in QA testing.

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7 Insights on Creating Human-Centered Solutions


Recently, we talked with CX by Design co-founders Lis Hubert and Diana Sonis about How to Create Human-Centered Solutions. During this webinar, Lis and Diana shared how human-centered design is actually an adaptable, scalable approach to problem-solving. It’s a framework that can optimize many business areas while using empathy and keeping the focus on humans – that is, the customers, employees.

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The 9 best UX & product quotes from Trymata’s new podcast


Read the most impactful quotes about UX & product from the first 6 episodes of Trymata's new tech podcast, "Re:Design/Growth." The post The 9 best UX & product quotes from Trymata’s new podcast appeared first on The Trymata blog.

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Protected: Mitch Espinosa – Senior Consultant

Clint Padgett – Project Success

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: The post Protected: Mitch Espinosa – Senior Consultant appeared first on Project Success.

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Exploring PerfDog Whitepaper 2024: Unlock the Power of Performance Testing

Key Takeaways Robust Platform & Multi-System Support: Brief introduction to PerfDog's extensive compatibility across various operating systems and hardware platforms including Android, iOS, PC, gaming consoles and more. In-Depth Performance Metrics: Quick view of the extensive range of metrics for system, graphics and rendering, user experience, in-depth analysis, and more.

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The Combined Effort of Product Management and Product Operations


Great teams assemble individuals with differing skill sets, perspectives, and experiences. They do this to achieve amazing things they’d ordinarily struggle with on their own. By serving as complementary pieces, their combined talents and capabilities are broad enough to tackle the task. We’ve seen plenty of this in superhero comics and movies where a cast of characters with different abilities join forces.

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Following the Sun? Follow the Art of Asynchronous Communication

Modus Create

Remote work has fundamentally changed how we work, communicate, and collaborate. One of its most significant contributions has been making the follow-the-sun model accessible to all. The follow-the-sun (FTS) model is a collaboration workflow that helps businesses run their operations around the clock without losing capacity. By following the sun, teams can exponentially increase their productivity and punch above their weight.

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Delta Dental uses Feedly to cut threat intelligence gathering time in half

Roy Madden

Case Study How Delta Dental fills gaps in their vulnerability management process and saves four hours each week. Impact More relevant threat intelligence in half the time A complete picture of emerging threats in only 15 minutes A streamlined and effective intelligence-gathering process The short version The customer: Roger, Senior Security Engineer, Cyber Risk Management Solutions, Delta Dental : Roger monitors vulnerabilities and threats for Delta Dental, the leading dental insurance provider