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Product Management Strategies for Supporting Collaboration by Gretchen Anderson

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In relation to product management, teams could focus on a vision of the future and dedicate time to co-creating it. The post Product Management Strategies for Supporting Collaboration by Gretchen Anderson appeared first on Mind the Product. Guest Post Product Management Characteristics Product Management Skills Video Collaboration product management ProductTank San Francisco

The Product Pre-Mortem

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postmortem product-management strategy planning pre-mortemBefore you build or invest, take these steps to de-risk Continue reading on ».


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5 Steps To Competition Management

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Observation, management, gathering information. That’s the tip of the iceberg in terms of managing your competition. management strategy startup business product-managementTake a look at 5 easy… Continue reading on ».

Does Your Product Only Need to Change the Behavior of a Few Users?

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product-strategy product-management strategy malcom-gladwellThis is Part 5/18 in the series “How to Build an Innovative New Product or Company” on the topic of understanding what type of changes in… Continue reading on ».

Understand Your Competition

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technology startup business product-management strategyDo you want to create a successful product? Or are you an entrepreneur and you're trying to succeed with your company? In both of those… Continue reading on ».

Why CEOs Should Not Be Our Primary Source of Customer Input

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I think this is fundamentally wrong for companies with more than a half-dozen customers or a dozen employees – and is a primary contributor to product strategy gridlock. Bare metal startups don’t have a product management team, just as they don’t have a sales/marketing organization or support group or a business analytics squad. Are product managers allowed to contact directly to customers without going through Sales or Support?

How (Industrial) Hardware Is Different from (B2B) Software

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When we talk broadly and generically about product management, we assume that all products/services are similar enough that we can apply the same tools, techniques, financial planning models, design approaches, goals and metrics. But product management and development processes that work well for long-lived hardware can handicap software organizations. Meanwhile, our competitors are picking their own improvement strategies. Product are products, yes?

Insights of a Product Manager: Surviving Product Manager Role using OKRs

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Product Manager’s OKRs OKRs stand for Objectives and Key Results. An Objective for a product manager can be like , “What do I want to achieve in this quarter, ?” And its part and parcel of product manager to formulate OKRs and KPIs for our products. B ut, how do we as product managers keep track of our life path or career growth? Do we have any backup plans or plan B if our career as product manager meets the glass ceiling or things start goes south?

Cambridge, 11 April: Software Pricing Demystified (Business of Software)

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And we should be mapping out pricing strategy before we start development, not the day before product launch. Featured Events innovation Market Thinking Pricing Product Management Strategy licenses pricing pricing units product management segmentation software valueWhat: Business of Software Conference. Talk: “Software Pricing Demystified” When: 11-12 April 2019. Where: Churchill College, University of Cambridge, UK. Registration.

“…and I need it TODAY!”

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One common question I got was: Product strategy is great, but it takes time to complete. Build to yourself a very rough product strategy quickly It can be a few paragraphs outlining your thoughts and organizing to yourself everything you have learned so far (a deeper dive into what needs to be included in a product strategy in a future post). an executive’s guide to strategic product management is waiting for you at “…and I need it TODAY!”

Predictable Delivery: Moving Beyond Velocity

280 Group

Delivering what you promised on time and on budget lets them know their investment is being well managed. This gives your team the space to execute against your product strategy over multiple releases and return the business results needed for continued investment in your product. Want to increase your skills as a Product Manager or Product Owner working with an Agile development team? 280 Group is the world’s leading Product Management training and consulting firm.

Agile Product Management – You Asked, We Answered

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Campbell Soup recently used agile strategies to launch a new Epic Crunch Goldfish cracker in nine months, much more quickly than usual.” You can read about it here: Are You Agile Enough for Agile Management? I always receive this question ‘what’s your go-to-market strategy’? Is there a method or tool or even a resource that I can have more information on this go-to-market strategy topic? The product managers do not design, develop or test in the sprint.

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Mobile Customer Response Rates Grew by 20% Last Year: New Data from our 2018 Benchmark Report


Customer centricity and customer experience management are the hot topics of this year’s business conversations. Asking the right question, at the right time, in the right format, combined with a deep understanding of engagement gives companies a more complete picture of the the health of their customer communication strategy. Attendees will learn how the best in mobile collect and act on customer feedback, and how their strategy measures up to industry standards.

Product Strategy, the Missing Link by Nicholas Goubert

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It may be obvious, but defining your strategy, goals, and mission is something we all need to have rooted at the heart of everything we do – but it’s very easy to get pulled in countless different directions while we try to deliver against these. It’s not just that “business as usual” gets in the way, changes to an organisation’s executive groups and tweaks to the company vision can lead to disconnects between strategy and tactics.

Customer Feedback Management is the Heart of Food and Drink Apps


Here are five customer feedback management strategies to use. Are there other strategies you use to collect customer feedback? The post Customer Feedback Management is the Heart of Food and Drink Apps appeared first on Apptentive. App Marketing Customer Experience Customer Feedback Product ManagementThe convenience and near-instant gratification offered by apps in the Food and Drink category is a key part of our modern-day lives.

The Amazon Effect: Dynamic Pricing Done Right

Pragmatic Marketing

Within a span of a few years, they managed to out-sell and out-perform former giants like Toys “R” Us, Barnes & Noble and even Macy’s—many of which were previously considered untouchable before Amazon came through and turned their respectable markets upside-down. Amazon, however, knows this fact all too well, and also considers this in their approach by utilizing KVI pricing and other strategies in their dynamic pricing methods.

The Amazon Effect: Dynamic Pricing Done Right

Pragmatic Marketing

Within a span of a few years, they managed to out-sell and out-perform former giants like Toys “R” Us, Barnes & Noble and even Macy’s—many of which were previously considered untouchable before Amazon came through and turned their respectable markets upside-down. Amazon, however, knows this fact all too well, and also considers this in their approach by utilizing KVI pricing and other strategies in their dynamic pricing methods.

Setting Up an Internal Product Function by Prag Patel

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Where does product management fit in an organization today? In this ProductTank London talk, Prag Patel , Head of Product at And Digital speaks about his experience helping clients to adopt a product management strategy and the lessons learned along the way. Or read on to get an overview of his key points: Expectations of a product manager. Where should product management sit. Establishing product management in a business.

Customer experience management: segment and conquer

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Why customer experience management is important Customer experience management?—?whose Today, we’re talking about customer experience management, and for that you won’t need any sinister tendencies at all. Why is customer experience management important?

How To Maximize An Agile Team – Don’t Give Up On Scrum

Modus Create

When I first attended Scrummaster training, I went in wide-eyed and excited to learn all of the secrets behind this amazing “new” agile project-management strategy called Scrum. Agile Software Development Product Management Agile ScrumI immediately donned the rose-colored glasses they handed out, and gobbled up the information that was presented. It all seemed so perfect… until I went back to my job.

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Fast vs. Excellent – The Myth of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Sequent Learning

The absence of a coherent product or portfolio strategy that puts goals in clear sight, and an explicit path to achieve those goals. Leaders who give permission to “go light” on the product vision, strategy, positioning, and definition documentation are fooling themselves. You can draw your own conclusions, but when development becomes the center of attention, with lip service to customers and strategy, firms will not be able to operate with the precision required to be successful.

11 Revealing Product Manager Interview Questions


Hiring product managers is one of the most challenging and important tasks for product team leaders. The diversity of backgrounds in product manager applicants increases the level of difficulty in making a good hire. Moreover, product manager roles and job descriptions also vary wildly from one organization to the next. The combination of both of those elements makes an effective product manager a hard role to fill. Management style (if applicable).

Making the Transition from Product Manager to Product Portfolio Manager


Think being a product manager requires a lot of strategic thinking and long-term planning? But you’ll need to tap into even greater strategic superpowers to make the transition from managing one product to product portfolio management. In this post, we’ll explain the differences between product management and product portfolio management. You’ll hear from a software PM who made the leap to managing a portfolio of products. Product Management Career

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How the Price of Victory led to Brexit

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And what can Product Managers learn from it How to lose a Referendum by Jason Farrell and Paul Goldsmith is a darn book about the multiple reasons that led to one of this decade’s highly publicized and stomach churning debacle in the western world. Product Management and Overconfidence As product managers, we tend to measure our successes by the quality and the successes of the products we churn out?—?each And are failures essential to be a better product manager?

Nulab Drinking Code: Product Management & Leadership


This time, our meetup theme was “Product Management, Strategy & Leadership” and it was a great pleasure for us to host our invited speakers: Jay Fong, Product Strategy Lead ( honestbee Singapore ). Be it in product management, software development or any kind of team work, the ability to give honest feedback and handle conflicting opinions is key to a great team. Become a Nulab user and enjoy free access to NuSpace – our community space in Singapore.

Got Metrics?

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Metrics that use business relevant data alongside intuitive trending and straightforward analysis provide a strong foundation when managing strategy It took about thirty minutes to get everything together. Product managers seek meaningful metrics that test our assumptions and tell us something actionable about our products. Each case results in a well-intended metric that nobody but the product manager can comprehend. Got Metrics? Yes, but are they Meaningful?

How To Improve Your Customer Admin Relationships


In this blog—part one of a three-part series—we’ll take a look at this important user group, discuss how this ecosystem of SaaS tools has created admin archetypes and provide you with some tools to successfully manage the right metrics to improve those admin relationships. But the skill pieces like the Rooks, Knights, and Bishops are more critical for your offensive and defensive strategy. So how do you track the effectiveness of your strategy?

3 Essential Community Management Tips from Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar


In this second post of our two-part interview with Dona Sarkar, leader of the Windows Insider program , she unpacks several community management tips for beta program executives, product managers, and other people responsible for Customer Validation. Managing a large distributed beta team can be a nightmare. Besides the right tools, what is your advice to the people behind the community management strategy and execution? Want more tips for community management?

Focused Product Portfolio Investments Drive Better Results

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The business objectives provide context for making prioritization decisions along with a portfolio management strategy like Geoffrey Moore’s Three Horizons Model that looks at investment decision along with different planning timeframes (1 year, 1–3 years, and 3–5 years). This is where things get tricky and management needs to be bolder. but these are good management decisions to have to make.

68 Product Management Conferences in 2019 You Should See


Find the product management conferences you can’t afford to miss in 2019 with this complete list of every product management conference by region and date. Product management conferences and events are an excellent way to learn product management best practices and network with your fellow product managers. Top Product Management Conferences. Product Management Conferences in North America. Product Management Conferences in Europe.

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What is Synthetic Monitoring?

eG Innovations

Organizations depend on fully functioning IT systems and processes to attract customers, deliver services and manage internal operations. Ensuring that all IT systems and processes are fully functional 24×7 is a key component of any organization’s IT performance management strategy. IT managers rely on synthetic monitoring to learn about issues before users call in and can, therefore, proactively correct problems before end users are impacted.