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Interview: A Chat with BPMA Mentor and Edx CTO, Mark Haseltine

bpma ProductHub

Being paired with my mentor Mark Haseltine, CTO at Edx, was a unique and valuable experience. I’ve been fortunate to have several key mentors in my career. As a CTO, I am asked to fulfill various needs depending on the particular circumstances of the company. How did you get involved with the BPMA? About Mark Haseltine.

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To Ensure Project Success, Follow your Intuition and Ask for Clarity

The Product Coalition

About 12 years ago, I was an executive advisor on a project at a large telecommunications company. I was in a meeting with the CTO and his staff one day when he laid out his vision. Part of his vision was “being agile”. However, I had a nagging question in the back of my mind: “What does he mean by agile?”

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The Benefits of DevOps for Legacy Businesses in the Digital Age

Valerian Tech

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of DevOps for legacy businesses and how a Fractional CTO can help overcome the challenges of DevOps adoption. This can come from employees, who are already accustomed to traditional methods of working, as well as leadership, who may not fully understand the value of a digital transformation.

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The Disproportionate Impact of Coaching on Startup Survival

Bain Public

It is a known fact that startups which are accompanied or coached, view their chances of success as being much higher compared to those that are not. The right mentoring and coaching support facilitates a startup’s transformation and enables roadmap planning and execution, without straying from the ultimate vision and goal.

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Product management theater | Marty Cagan (Silicon Valley Product Group)

Lenny Rachitsky

Marty labels this inefficiency the “theater” of product management, where “fake” product managers engage in non-essential activities, often under titles like Agile coaches, product owners, product operations, or business analysts.

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Introvert's Secret Weapon for Commanding a Room (And Turning Conflict into Growth)

People-First Product Leadership

Share Master emotional agility and shift annoyance into opportunity Ever had a colleague do something that gets on your nerves? Dharmesh Shah, the co-founder/CTO of Hubspot shared on Lenny’s podcast , company culture is a product. The cost is $2 while I’m working towards my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential.

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4 Keys to Empowering Your Product Team

Mind the Product

Or a new leader comes in believing agile teams should be self-determining. When leadership asked them to make a decision they got stuck in spin cycles because they didn’t know what they were trying to achieve. Eventually leadership would lose patience and make the decision, perpetually continuing the empowerment disillusionment cycle.