6 Ways Your Business can Benefit from Negative Reviews


Even big brands have had their fair share of angry outpour from disgruntled customers and survived. While larger companies’ reputations can sustain a few blows without actually collapsing, small businesses can’t rely on the benefit of the doubt to amortize customers’ wrath as effectively.

What we shipped: 2018 year in review

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Bots had failed to deliver good customer experiences, were painful to setup, and hadn’t been able to truly drive real results across an entire customer journey. In doing so, they have been able to unlock new efficiencies for their teams and their customers.

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Customer feedback examples from 10 leading companies – Google, Facebook, Amazon…


We’re glad to see more and more big companies putting customer feedback at high priority, so today we want to share the top 10 customer feedback examples with you to help you get started in your own feedback process. What to take note on these customer feedback examples.

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When messaging becomes more than just chat: which apps should I use?

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It means messengers are no longer just for customer facing teams. With apps on the home screen, we can use messengers to drive conversion rates throughout the customer journey, like targeting certain prospects on the website or nurturing customers within our app.

The Aha! Moment Guide in Product Onboarding


moment, then you could well end up with customers for life. “Once we’d build and launched Hyperise, we wanted to our new trial customers to experience the same aha! Dogfooding our own product in our onboarding allows our customers to achieve their own aha!

4 Ways Product Teams Can Make Customers More Successful


We all know how it works…a fledgling SaaS company releases a minimally viable product and starts bringing on customers. Early customers help shape the direction of the product and before you know it, a Customer Success team is created.

10 Effective Ways of Collecting Customer Feedback


Customer feedback is important. But customers have short attention spans. So, how do you overcome this hurdle and get this extremely valuable customer feedback? There are many options for you to choose in collecting customer feedback. Why is customer feedback valuable?

A Guide To Executive Sponsor Change


In the age of big data, machine learning, and business intelligence, we have a very determinist view of our customers. ” Or conversely, that if you can just get more and better data, you can “solve” your customers like you would solve a complicated algorithm.

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Does live chat really work for marketing?

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Your potential customers see dozens, sometimes hundreds, of marketing messages every day and everywhere: on social media, on their phones, on billboards as they drive down the street. Live chat messages can be customized and triggered based on a user’s search intent or completed events.