Is In-App Messaging Unethical?


You can talk to your users in-product without sacrificing the customer experience. Customers have more options, therefore more power. In-app communications are part of the next wave of adoption-driving strategies and I’m here to assure you that they are not as scary as they sound.

Improving Adoption of New Features

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The number one reason customers don’t take advantage of new features is because they’re not explained in a manner that’s relevant to how people do their job. Most new features are communicated as follows: Here is a great new feature. Our goal with this feature set is to make your job easier and give your customers more reasons to stay loyal. Just repurpose the user scenarios into the appropriate customer communications, marketing and sales dialogues and your work is done.

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Analyzing your Buyer’s Journey

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How many times must I provide the same information: name, email, phone number, address? ” You can and should improve customer communication at every step of the buyer’s journey.

Under Armour Offers Lessons on Leveraging In-App Messaging for Risk Management


Back in the spring, some 150 million users of Under Armour’s health and fitness app MyFitnessPal were hit with a data breach, with a bad actor (or actors) stealing their user names, email addresses, and passwords.

Customer Centric Culture: Purpose and Profitability?


In a nutshell being customer centric means: putting your customers first. It is placing customers at the core of your business and then building everything around it. client -centric companies are 60% more profitable compared to companies not focused on the customers.”.

5 Freemium Customer Conversation Platforms

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Dashly Crisp Gist Drift Zendesk There are thousands of platforms that you can choose from to communicate with and engage your customers. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite customer communication platforms that are either fully or partially free.

Intercom on Product: Understanding your customer is key to good product judgment

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There’s only really one way to develop product judgment and that’s through direct interaction with your customers. It has other names, product judgment has other names too. Gain direct experience with your customers. Keeping customers in the feedback loop.

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10 Effective Ways of Collecting Customer Feedback


Customer feedback is important. But customers have short attention spans. So, how do you overcome this hurdle and get this extremely valuable customer feedback? There are many options for you to choose in collecting customer feedback. Why is customer feedback valuable?

How people will find your product

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This is essential, because you need to know how you’ll communicate with your potential customers and how your marketing and content strategy will look like. But they are all potential customers and you need a strategy of how you’ll get in touch with them. ??

When the product is YOU

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You don’t want to look for just any job; you want to find a gig with a company where you can feel passionate about the product, your colleagues, and your customers. You want to find a target market of employers (customers) that have a problem that you can solve.

The Enterprise Design Conundrum

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Because quite simply, your next hire could very well be someone who will own how your product is presented to your customer. Vastly differing feedback across customers is another. manage customer communication?—?and

Does live chat really work for marketing?

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Your potential customers see dozens, sometimes hundreds, of marketing messages every day and everywhere: on social media, on their phones, on billboards as they drive down the street. Live chat messages can be customized and triggered based on a user’s search intent or completed events.