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Effective customer engagement is business critical – insights from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

Intercom, Inc.

New research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services reveals that businesses of all sizes – from small businesses to enterprises – are realizing the business value of personal, efficient customer engagement. Below, we take a deeper dive into the report’s key data and trends. But they’re facing big barriers.

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Product Analytics HubSpot: Tips for Product Managers


Product analytics Hubspot can help you to make data-driven decisions about your product development and marketing needs. From understanding customers to driving sales, analytics is a crucial tool for modern product managers. In this article, we examine what you can achieve with the product analytics software from Hubspot.


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Progress Reports in Project Management: Definition, Process & More


Having to write progress reports may seem like a nuisance with all the other things you have to do, but they’re essential to ensure smooth project delivery. TL;DR Progress reports provide information about the status of the project: the work completed, work still to be done, and potential challenges.

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The Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics 4 for UX Designers and Business Owners

UX Planet

Master Google Analytics 4 for user behavior analysis, UX design optimization, and enhanced website performance to improve sales. Hi there, I was looking into Google Analytics 4 and found an article by Alice Emma Walker. If you know about Universal Analytics , it’s going away on July 1, 2024. It’s six years old.

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UX and Design Tips for Better Dashboards: Product Manager Laura Klein Explains How to Improve Your Analytics

Speaker: Laura Klein, Principal at Users Know and Author of UX for Lean Startups

That's why Laura Klein, product manager and UX designer, has a set of tips to help application teams improve their embedded dashboards and reports. How to avoid common mistakes people make when presenting data. No one makes poorly designed products on purpose. And yet we have so many of them in our lives.

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Effective Strategies to Predict Churn in SaaS


What would your retention game be like if you could predict churn before it happens? This article dives deep into churn prediction for SaaS, showing you the strategies that work and how to implement them. Poor customer service. Track customer behavior in-app to gain insights into user attrition trends.

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Operationalize Getting Insights from Metrics: Tips for Product People

The Product Coalition

Everyone talks about getting insights from digital products and processes, yet I’ve seen it done wrong so many times that the subject demands revisiting, especially in light of the emerging field of DataOps. Data is increasingly complex and complexity can only be managed via stable and reliable foundations. What is an Insight?

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How to Use Visual Product Roadmaps for Better Planning and Results

Product managers (PMs) must gather and analyze product data, create product roadmaps for multiple stakeholders, identify roadblocks, and track a long list of milestones—all while staying on a tight schedule. Using a visual planning tool like MindManager® can make this process a whole lot easier. Get your free copy today!

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Product Management Excellence: Data-Driven Insights into High Performance

Speaker: Jeff Lash, VP and Group Director, Product Management, SiriusDecisions

SiriusDecisions has conducted research into highly successful organizations, looked at the data, and identified the key characteristics that separate the top performers from everyone else. You'll leave with specific, practical tips you can start to implement immediately to improve your product management team's performance in these areas.

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How Leveraging Data Creates Efficient Product Roadmaps

Speaker: Hannah Chaplin - Product Marketing Principal & Steve Cheshire - Product Manager

Without product usage data and user feedback guiding your product roadmap, product managers and engineers end up wasting money, time, and effort building what they think stakeholders want, rather than what they know they need. This lack of insight makes it impossible for these teams to prioritize.

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Product Management & The 3 E’s: Experiments, Experiences, and Efficiencies

Speaker: Nicole Munson, Senior Product Manager at American Express

Product Manager at Amex Savings, for this insightful webinar based on her many years of launching products to a variety of end-users. Best ways to use data to design new experiences. Best ways to use data to design new experiences. Tips and tricks to understand data efficiently.

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Why Product Managers Must Relearn Their Customers

Speaker: Janelle Estes, CIO, User Testing

Join Janelle Estes, Chief Insights Officer, at UserTesting, for a comprehensive episode on getting the data you need to relearn you customers and succeed. Practical tips for pulling in customer feedback without delaying your process. Integrating their feedback is the first step! Real-life examples of this process.