Wed.Oct 25, 2023

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Product in Practice: Stepping Into Your First Product Leadership Role—What to Expect

Product Talk

Stepping into your first product leadership role is a major change. As an individual contributor, you’re focusing on your own projects and progress, but as a leader you are now responsible for the team (or teams) that report up to you. You may find yourself less involved in the day-to-day work of discovery and delivery and more focused on higher-level strategy.

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Demystifying freemium pricing – Dan Balcauski (Chief Pricing Officer)

Mind the Product

In this week's podcast, Dan Balcauski shares his thoughts on the challenge of measuring uncertainty in pricing strategy and how tools like Fermi estimation can be game-changers. Read more » The post Demystifying freemium pricing – Dan Balcauski (Chief Pricing Officer) appeared first on Mind the Product.

Strategy 175

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As a [persona], I [need] because I [need]

The Product Coalition

The user story format imposes just enough formality to insist we account for the persona, need, and purpose of a planned capability.

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How Can Embedded Analytics Increase Customer Satisfaction   


Reveal Embedded Analytics The critical role of customer satisfaction in today’s hyper-competitive, data-centric world is unequivocal. It’s not merely an indicator of customer loyalty; it’s an indicator of your business’s trajectory. This is where embedded analytics’ power shines as a pivotal tool in enhancing customer satisfaction and driving business momentum.

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Reimagined: Building Products with Generative AI

“Reimagined: Building Products with Generative AI” is an extensive guide for integrating generative AI into product strategy and careers featuring over 150 real-world examples, 30 case studies, and 20+ frameworks, and endorsed by over 20 leading AI and product executives, inventors, entrepreneurs, and researchers.

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Deciphering Bitcoin ETFs: Spot vs. Futures?—?Insights and Expectations

The Product Coalition

Deciphering Bitcoin ETFs: Spot vs. Futures — Insights and Expectations Table of Contents ∘ The Evolving Role of Cryptocurrency in Investment ∘ Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs): An Overview ∘ Bitcoin ETF Types ∘ Benefits and Drawbacks of Bitcoin ETFs ∘ Crypto ETF Development — How to Launch a Crypto ETF like Bitcoin ETF? ∘ The Regulatory Landscape ∘ Expert Insights and Market Projections ∘ The Current Status and Future Outlook Bitcoin has revolutionized the investment landscape, making its wa

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How “The Product Gap” Has Already Doomed Your Transformation To Failure

The Product Coalition

Why putting busy managers with zero Product experience into Product roles spells trouble for the entire organization Continue reading on Product Coalition »

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Offshore Software Development Risks: Navigating Challenges for Success

TurnKey Labs

Offshore software development has become a pivotal strategy for businesses seeking cost-effective solutions and access to global talent. With a growing trend of companies’ tech offshoring, the advantages are undeniable — cost savings, scalability, and international expertise. However, this approach is not without its challenges and risks.

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How To Structure Product Teams That Achieve Results

The Product Coalition

This works for every type of company and teams Continue reading on Product Coalition »

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ONE THING on Proxy Metrics

Product Culture

In a famous example, Facebook found that users who add at least 7 friends in their first 10 days on the app tended to be more engaged and stay with the product longer. This led them to set an Objective of getting more new users to add more friends right away. The product team then went about testing various changes to the onboarding experience to encourage adding friends early.

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Entity Resolution Checklist: What to Consider When Evaluating Options

Are you trying to decide which entity resolution capabilities you need? It can be confusing to determine which features are most important for your project. And sometimes key features are overlooked. Get the Entity Resolution Evaluation Checklist to make sure you’ve thought of everything to make your project a success! The list was created by Senzing’s team of leading entity resolution experts, based on their real-world experience.

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The 2023 UXR Software Landscape: A Traveler’s Guide


An imaginative, narrative guide to the only illustrated map of UX research software. Learn more about tool categories and what’s changed since 2022 as you journey through the realm.

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How to Turn a Traditional Help Center into Online Training Powerhouse


Consumers have made it clear that customer experience reigns supreme and they’re willing to pay more for it. Part of that experience is how you train your customers. Unfortunately, old-school training tactics, namely, traditional help centers, don’t deliver the experience your customers demand. Your customers expect not only quick and efficient support but also educational resources that empower them to make the most out of your products and services.

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New York Tech Week: Learnings and Highlights


October in New York is special. The weather is perfect. The leaves are changing. There’s fresh energy in the air. And of course, it’s New York Tech Week. For the second consecutive year, the city dedicated an entire week to host more than 400 events, each focusing on tech innovation and advancement. Presented by a16z , New York Tech Week is more than just a series of tech-related events.

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Meet the Ampliteer: Sang-Ho Hwang


Follow the journey of Sang-Ho Hwang, scale account manager, and his significant contributions to Amplitude.

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The Big Payoff of Application Analytics

Outdated or absent analytics won’t cut it in today’s data-driven applications – not for your end users, your development team, or your business. That’s what drove the five companies in this e-book to change their approach to analytics. Download this e-book to learn about the unique problems each company faced and how they achieved huge returns beyond expectation by embedding analytics into applications.

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DAU/MAU Ratio: What is It and How to Calculate?


Product analytics can be confusing with how many metrics there are to track. However, the DAU/MAU ratio is certainly one metric that you should keep an eye on to monitor how many users are active users. In this guide, we’ll go over what the DAU/MAU ratio is, why you should track it, and how to calculate it! TL;DR The DAU/MAU ratio is a metric that calculates the ratio of daily active users to monthly active users to determine how sticky your product is.