Wed.Jul 12, 2023

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Hiring a CS Ops Leader? Here’s What to Look for.


As Customer Success (CS) matures and enters a digital era, operations have never been more pivotal. CS teams are charged with perfecting a seamless omnichannel customer experience throughout the entire user journey, while working at peak efficiency. (No pressure!) There’s no way to get there without dialing in digital tactics, and Customer Success Operations , or CS Ops, has emerged as one of the hottest career tracks in the field.

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Product Leader Manifesto: We Believe In Making Products That Improve The World

The Product Coalition

As a product leader, I aim to ensure my team is motivated daily to drive maximum impact for our customers in a way that impacts the business goals. First and foremost, I am a builder — I love building and scaling products. I took my past experiences as an individual contributor that created products to product leadership positions — leveraging these past experiences and scaling expertise to lead teams effectively.


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Top 5 Challenges Facing Today’s Product Leaders (and How to Overcome Them)

Emerge Insights

As a product leader, you face mounting challenges. A recent Productboard report reveals the top hurdles: establishing a clear product vision, accelerating time-to-market, tracking success metrics, aligning teams, and closing the customer feedback loop. In this article, we cut through the noise to highlight the most urgent problems facing product leaders.

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Lean, Sustainable Team Building in Today’s Climate [Q&A]

dscout People Nerds

dscout’s VP of research Julie Norvaisas sits down with research leader Loi Sessions Goulet to break down how to build teams that make a real impact, even with unexpected bumps in the road.

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The Big Payoff of Application Analytics

Outdated or absent analytics won’t cut it in today’s data-driven applications – not for your end users, your development team, or your business. That’s what drove the five companies in this e-book to change their approach to analytics. Download this e-book to learn about the unique problems each company faced and how they achieved huge returns beyond expectation by embedding analytics into applications.

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The Biggest Challenges facing Digital Product Leaders and How to Overcome Them

Emerge Insights

Running digital products isn’t easy—it calls for a crystal-clear game plan, speedy action, and keeping a close eye on your wins. Recently, Productboard published their Product Excellence Report all about the hurdles product leaders are dealing with, and how they’re turning uncertainties into opportunities. We’ve taken a good, hard look at this report, and in […] The post The Biggest Challenges facing Digital Product Leaders and How to Overcome Them appeared first on EMERG

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Driving Growth with Digital Intelligence: A Discussion Featuring Forrester


Learn more about how digital intelligence can help drive efficient growth with this webinar recap featuring Amplitude’s Adam Greco and Forrester VP Brandon Purcell.

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