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In-app Customer Needs Assessment 101: How to Collect and Act on Data


What is a customer needs assessment and why should you care? Here are the top reasons SaaS businesses need it and a guide on how to succeed


We Made a Mobile App in Six Weeks. Here’s How You Can Too.

Modus Create

Healthcare is one of the most exciting industries for digital transformation. In recent years, our consultants have helped several healthcare organizations shift their focus to preventive care and patient outcomes.


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Tech Product Leaders: Are We Spoiling Society?

The Product Coalition

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s time to have a serious discussion. We have a problem, and we’re holding it in our hands. Continue reading on Product Coalition ». mental-health product-management technology mental-health-awareness digital

Don’t Write About What You Already Know — Instead, I’m “Writing To Learn”

Nir Eyal

For me, writing is a wonderful way to go deep on a problem I’m struggling with. As my friend and fellow author, Gretchen Rubin told me, “Research is me search.” When I’m struggling with one thing or another, my first step is to think through the problem myself.

How to Choose the Right Business Intelligence Vendor

How does your current BI vendor stack up against the competition? Who’s the perfect vendor for your business needs? Find out by downloading your complimentary copy today!

How to face the challenges of customer retention

Mind the Product

Losing customers is hard, especially when you’ve worked so hard to win them. So what can product managers do to improve customer retention? What are the common challenges to look out for? We speak to some long-time product people to get their views and experiences.

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The Supermarket of Software


Product Go-to-Market in the Supermarket of Software Era By Martina Lauchengco Consider your neighborhood supermarket. When you walk in, you see somewhere between 40,000 – 50,000 products. How do you decide which to buy? Do you buy products you already know? How often do you buy something you haven’t tried before or substitute a product. The post The Supermarket of Software appeared first on Silicon Valley Product Group. Loved Product Marketing

Are You Just Building User Stories or Improving User Job Performance?

Product Management University

Let’s net this out! Your product has two goals: Make customers measurably better at specific job tasks and workflows that have strategic value to their organization. Create long-term value for your organization in terms of revenue, market share, wallet share and customer retention.

Put your nostalgia goggles on, it’s World Product Day

Mind the Product

World Product Day returns on 19 July 2022, and this year we’ll be celebrating “Product firsts”! We want to help those who are taking their first steps, whether into a new leadership role, a new industry, or simply starting their first job as a product manager.

How to Use Feedback to Improve Mobile Customer Experience in 4 Steps


From adding features to modifying the user interface, the directions you can take your mobile app are endless. The bandwidth of your development team, not so much.

How to Run Your Business Like a CPO: Product Management From a Pro

Speaker: Karl Rumelhart, CPO at Gainsight

Join Karl Rumelhart, CPO at Gainsight, to discover key insights from a CPO perspective on how product teams can make an impact on their organizations, even in today’s economic climate.

Growth Product Management: What You Need to Know

The Product Coalition

Growth product managers are now a mainstay of Silicon Valley, but what do they do, how do they work, and what value do they bring? Find… Continue reading on Product Coalition ». product growth growth-mindset growth-product-manager product-management

5 Reasons Using Product Analytics Enhances Your Customer Experience


Here’s a harsh reality: To grow your product, your team has to be laser-focused on the customer’s experience. In the modern SaaS world, disappointed users will flee to the competition the moment they start feeling neglected.

How to make product decisions with transparency and trust by Ellen Gottesdierner

Mind the Product

Healthy product decision-making is a sign of a healthy product team. In this ProductTank London talk, product coach Ellen Gottesdierner highlights some of the dysfunctions around decision making and offers ways to overcome them. [.]

Best Practices New Product Announcements – Marketing For SaaS Product Launches


What are the best practices for new product announcements? What tools and channels can a product manager use to effectively announce new products or features? If you are after answers to these and other questions, you’re in the right place!

Customer Preferences: How Community Can Deliver a Simplified Experience

Your customers want a simplified customer experience. Make sure you give it to them with community. Download the whitepaper to learn more!

How Ellevest Empowers Women to Step Into Their Financial Power

The Product Coalition

According to Vera Behr, Fmr Director of Product Management at Ellevest Continue reading on Product Coalition ». product-management investing fintech women-in-tech ellevest

384: Why listening is the next product management superpower – with Christine Miles

Product Innovation Educators

How product managers can achieve transformational listening. Today we are talking about listening. How would you rate yourself as a listener? I consider it a superpower for product managers and innovators, because proper listening is a key way to learn what customers need.

Looking after your mental health as a product manager

Mind the Product

It’s important that product managers, just as much as everyone else, are looking after their mental health. With help from Product Consultant and mental health speaker, Nicholas Jemetta, we discuss ways to look after yourself in your product management career. [.]

Product User Segmentation: What Is It and How To Implement Segmentation in Your SaaS Product?


Are you aware that product user segmentation affects all stages of the user journey and the overall growth of a business? You can use product usage data to develop an effective marketing strategy, improve products, retain customers , as well as to accelerate customer adoption.

Omnichannel is Multichannel 2.0

Multichannel and omnichannel marketing are not the same. Many organizations are striving for omnichannel, but it can be a daunting journey—unless you have a map. Download your copy of the ultimate omnichannel guide today!

Why I write.

The Product Coalition

Writing about Product, Experimentation and Analytics without fear. Continue reading on Product Coalition ». storytelling self-improvement writing product writer

Use Deliveries to Offer New Decision Points for Tactics and Strategy

Johanna Rothman

We often think that finishing a story from the backlog is “just” tactical. However, the more often we deliver in short feedback loops, the more often we can make strategic decisions. Finishing a story creates a new decision point, for both the product and the corporate strategy.

Lessons learned while working for an African Fintech company – Makera Kigaraba on The Product Experience

Mind the Product

What would it be like to pack up all of your things and land a Fintech job in a completely new continent? On this week's podcast, we spoke with.

PMF Survey: How to Measure Product Market Fit Using Microsurveys


Can you measure product-market fit without a PMF survey? You could, but those results won’t be entirely accurate.

Better Learning, Better Results: A Guide for Product and Project Leaders

Continuous improvement is the differentiator that can drive your team to the next level. Download our 4-step guide to collaborative learning and position your team for success.

Metrics Hierarchy and Metrics Pyramid: Aligning Product and Business Goals

The Product Coalition

Metrics Pyramid, Metrics Hierarchy, Unit Economy, Funnels?—?there there are many ways to connect and organize metrics and dashboards. Choosing the right approach is 80% of success. As a consultant on advanced analytics, I often hear, “ Our business metrics were rising.

How to Avoid False Insights in Your Research

dscout People Nerds

It’s easier than you’d think to glean false insights in your research. Here are some of the common mistakes researchers make—and how to prevent them

SUNDAY REWIND: Using the Kano Model to prioritise product development

Mind the Product

In this Sunday Rewind episode, we look back to when Mind the Product’s very own Co-Founder, Martin Eriksson, explains how the Kano Model can be used to prioritise product development. [.]

Churn Prevention in SaaS: 15 Proactive Strategies to Reduce Customer Churn


Are you struggling to retain customers for long? The churn prevention strategies discussed in this article will help with your product engagement strategy.

A Strategic Guide to Community Gamification

Does creating engaged customers and impacting CS objectives sound interesting? Learn more about how gamification can help your customer success team in our free eBook.