My example, my hero

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My heart is heavy as I write this article; my father passed away a few days ago. I’ve been thinking about Dad and the important lessons he taught me, both when I was growing up and lived with him in … Continue reading → Leadership Dad father hard work perseverance responsibility

Market Problem Framing Example

Tyner Blain

As I run workshops which include teaching this model, I have learned that people develop a deeper connection to ideas through exploring examples. I’m coming to find examples to be a necessary but insufficient part of developing insights (the risk is that by looking solely at an example, we focus on a red herring – part of the example, but irrelevant to the concept). This article is an example. CGM Problem Framing Example.

9 In-App Messaging Examples That Boost User Engagement


This in-app message is a good example of how you can reach out to users while they’re in a specific feature to offer them something relevant. This in-app survey on Turbo Tax is an example of perfect timing when asking for feedback.

Outside-In User Story Example

Tyner Blain

This example may help get the point across. This still would be an example of focusing on the problem manifestation (an out-of-date or incomplete contact list) instead of the problem – identifying people.

How Product Managers Can Learn to Love Reporting

Speaker: Eric Feinstein, Professional Services Manager, Looker

He will use the example of a product manager of a learning management software system and how she would go through the process of defining reporting for users of the product. For a long time, Product Managers have found it challenging to design interfaces inside their products that users could use for reporting. It seems like PMs and engineers have grown to hate embedded reporting.

Dear Strategy: 061 Strategy Examples

Dear Strategy

On this week’s episode, host Bob Caporale , founder of Strategy Generation Company and author of Creative Strategy Generation , answers the following question: Dear Strategy: “Can you give me an example of a really great or a really bad strategy?”.

Dear Strategy: 061 Strategy Examples

Dear Strategy

Dear Strategy: “Can you give me an example of a really great or a really bad strategy?”. . What good is my process if I can’t point to at least one concrete example where I used it to turn around some multi-gazillion dollar company? The post Dear Strategy: 061 Strategy Examples appeared first on Dear Strategy. This post is brought to you courtesy of a radio interview that I recently did where this very question was posed to me. I hate this question.

5 Examples of Email Remarketing Campaigns to Get Inspiration From

AB Tasty

This article was originally posted on AB Tasty as 5 Examples of Email Remarketing Campaigns to Get Inspiration From. Email remarketing consists of capturing and using information about your customers in order to achieve better marketing results through personalized email marketing campaigns.

4 real-world marketing roadmap examples


The marketing roadmap example below (from our marketing template ) is probably more typical for process-driven teams that work on timelines. These examples show the four key ways I currently build my marketing roadmap. Any half-decent marketing is essentially storytelling.

7 Ethical Design Examples To Make Facebook Better For Everyone

UX Studio

Next, follow some practical examples focusing on Facebook , the platform on everybody’s mind to move the discussion from the abstract towards a real and relatable one. These examples apply to Facebook but many would carry over to lots of other social platforms as well.

Products for Product People: Best Practices in Analytics

Speaker: Andrew Wynn, Senior Product Manager, Looker

In this webinar, we'll cover: Real examples for different verticals. Who builds products for the product people? As a product manager, you know how helpful custom tailored data solutions can be to doing your job well.

8 Best Mobile Navigation Design Examples


Here is one more mobile navigation example for list menus: Zoomle designed by Alty. Mobile app navigation design does not assume following one proven direction.

Step-by-Step Business Plan Examples


Here is a step-by-step business plan example to give you a structure to follow. For example, include where your business will come from and how you’ll cross-sell products or services. The post Step-by-Step Business Plan Examples appeared first on Hutwork. Your business plan is a roadmap that helps you navigate the road to success. It describes all aspects of your business in detail, from its history to products/services, marketing, and financial projections.

Why Not What – An Example

Tyner Blain

Forbes quoted Steve Jobs as saying “I’m as proud of what we don’t do as I am of what we do.” ” This is a really enlightened perspective – and a way to enforce focus from the top down.

What are some examples of an inefficient product or product line market strategy or Product/Market Fit?

Spice Catalyst

It is more granular than getting… The post What are some examples of an inefficient product or product line market strategy or Product/Market Fit?

The 5 Levels of Analytics Maturity

For example, a sales manager. FROM BASIC BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE REQUIREMENTS TO. SOPHISTICATED PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATORS Do the analytic offerings in your application make you stand out from the crowd? See where.

Classic example of how to do nurture marketing right

Messages that Matter

The “Back to School” issue of “Pragmatic Marketer” is a classic example of nurture marketing at its best. The quarterly magazine put out by Pragmatic Marketing is jam packed with articles that B2B product managers, product marketers and marketers will not just want to read, but identify takeaways they can put into action immediately. It […]. Messaging

Take a Recess. Be More Productive.

Lead on Purpose

Before long, that tell-tale … Continue reading → Purpose example health productivity recess well-beingGuest post by Dave Crenshaw Think back to when you were a kid in about third grade. You’ve been in the classroom the better part of the day and a draining feeling would start to occur.


Chromecast Wins Fame, iOS7 Wins Shame

Product Powers

” Another example is the swipe to delete an email. Bad examples Fun Good examplesMake my life easier and I will tell my friends. Make my life harder and I will tell everyone. That’s my take-away from this year's raft of nominations for the 2013 Product Powers Hall of Fame & Shame. Hall of Fame. Chromecast, Pocket, FitBit Force and a dozen other products were nominated for Fame, most because they do a great job making things easier for us.

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2013 Product Powers Hall of Fame & Shame

Product Powers

Bad examples Collected Wisdom Fun Good examples StoriesWe're now accepting 10-second nominations for the 2013 Product Powers Hall of Fame and Shame. What is that, you ask? As before, the goal is to assemble the " top product triumphs and gaffes of the past year as nominated by you. "

Predictive Analytics 101: Your Roadmap to Driving Key Product Decisions

Speaker: Sriram Parthasarathy

We’ll explore real-world examples of predictive in action and outline steps to help you maximize its value. Predictive analytics is an increasingly common buzzword with many forms. It seems everyone has their own take on what it is and which best practices and business benefits apply.

The Dirty Dozen Roadmap Roadblocks

Product Powers

Agile Bad examples Prioritization Product Management RoadmapsA good product roadmap is one of the most important and influential documents an organization can develop, publish and continuously update. It’s the one document that steers the entire organization in delivering on the company strategy. It's key to success, and yet many organizations struggle to produce effective roadmaps. In fact, many organizations don’t create one, even to publish internally.

A Roadmap to Product Peace

Product Powers

It’s much easier to discuss priorities and roadmap items one-on-one with the head of sales, for example, than it is if the head of marketing is also in the room. Good examples Product Management Product Powers Roadmaps Stories

Fighting Shiny Object Syndrome

Product Powers

Brenda was just one example, but consistently applying these priorities across departments and initiatives is what drove our success as a company. Good examples Prioritization Product Management Product Powers StoriesBrenda rushed over from her desk in the sales pit. She was clearly excited.

Bridging the leadership gap in innovation

Lead on Purpose

For example, according … Continue reading → Innovation Leadership Learning mission visionGuest post by Jesse Nieminen We’re living in an age where many industries are facing big changes. To thrive, or even survive, most companies need to find ways to innovate. Yet, most companies fail to do that.

What Users Want: How and Why to Build Knowledge into Your Product

Speaker: Nils Davis, Principal, NPD Associates

Nils will use the example of Instagram’s Filters to talk about how putting prebuilt knowledge in your product can change the way your product is used for the better - putting you in the company of most market-leading products.

Product Takeoff

Product Takeoff

Every product has a lifecycle of Introduction, growth , maturity and decline.With digital disruption in the market place it is very critical that we design products that stay in the growth phase for a longer period of time.

Vision 212

Product Ethics

Roman Pichler

1] The former includes negatively impacting the people’s mental wellbeing, for example, by encouraging addictive behaviour or promoting harmful information. See, for example, Mariah Hay’s talk “ First, Do No Harm ”. What is an Ethical Product?

Vision 246

Why women make great product managers

Product Management Unpacked

All six of the examples he uses are women in product management. For example, Quorum data analysis shows that female Senators are more likely to engage in collaborative work than their male colleagues, especially when it comes to crossing party lines.

Listen to Understand: Listening Practices for Product People

Roman Pichler

For example, the issues some users experience with the latest version of your product. Raised voice and a red face are likely to indicate that the person is angry, for example. You might say, for instance, “Can you please give me an example of what you mean?”

How Product Managers Can Learn to Love Reporting

Speaker: Eric Feinstein, Professional Services Manager, Looker

He will use the example of a product manager of a learning management software system and how she would go through the process of defining reporting for users of the product.

People Don’t Buy Capabilities, They Buy Knowledge

The Secret PM Handbook

There are a ton of good examples: Instagram (filters). IFTTT (example recipes, that are then augmented by shared customer recipes). It’s not an accident that all of these examples are market-leading or paradigm changing. Examples. A great example is retrospectives.

A Strategy Map

Roman Pichler

To put it differently, if you don’t know the business and portfolio strategy, or if these plans don’t exist, then it will be hard for you to get the product strategy right and choose, for example, the right market and target group. Maps are the Foundations on which Adventures are Built.

Finding Your Product's Critical Event(s)

Product Management Lessons from the Trenches

For example in the context of an ecommerce app/website, one critical event might be a users making a purchase within the first 3/7/14 days after they have been exposed to the product. For example: Analyze the purchase pattern of users who added a credit card to their profile.

Events 195

Prioritize Opportunities, Not Solutions

Product Talk

For example, if I work at Netflix and my desired outcome is to increase the number of viewing hours per viewer, I might interview Netflix users and ask, “Tell me about the last time you watched Netflix.”

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Meet Your Goals with a Practical Product Strategy

Speaker: Nils Davis, Principal, NPD Associates

Tips for Rewriting a Digital Product

Roman Pichler

Take Microsoft Office as an example. This requires some user research and product discovery work, for example, observing users and conducting problem interviews, as well as analysing any analytics data you may have available. See the Rewriting Effort as an Opportunity to Innovate.

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How to Distinguish Between Your Product Roadmap, Product Strategy, and Product Vision


Let’s use a hypothetical example — a space travel. While you might “own” the product, your product’s vision should be coming from the top of the house. It should be driving everything in your organization, not just product development.

Vision 215

The Secret to Sending Emails and Notifications That Work

Nir Eyal

What are some examples of well-timed triggers? In this video I discuss the psychology of sending good triggers. The video is based on an earlier post written with Ximena Vengoechea. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.


Report templates for less status meetings

Folding Burritos

Click here to download the spreadsheet and follow along the examples (by the way: it’s built with a more limited Excel feature set because I’m on a Mac – if you’re on Windows, you could play with other PivotTable features like Timelines ).

Hooked - How to Build Habit-Forming Products

Speaker: Nir Eyal, Author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

Now, in this special webinar, he will explain the Hook Model using a number of captivating examples. How to apply the Hook Model using fascinating examples from the iPhone to Twitter, Pinterest to the Bible App, and many other habit-forming products.