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Dealing with an Underperforming Development Team

Roman Pichler

What is Bad Performance? Before I discuss how you can help an underachieving team, let’s briefly explore what good performance looks like, assuming that an agile, Scrum-based process is used. Second, the team participates in continuous discovery and strategizing , and its members regularly help refine the product backlog.

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A Learning Roadmap for Product People

Roman Pichler

Overview of the Learning Roadmap. Like a modern product roadmap, a learning roadmap states the specific outcomes or benefits you’d like to achieve to become a more competent product person, and it captures them in form of learning goals. To make these ideas more concrete, let’s look at a sample learning roadmap.

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What is Product Strategy?

Product Bookshelf

Martin Good Strategy, Bad Strategy by Richard Rumels Product strategy is a set of choices informed by product vision and company objectives. A good strategy consists of a diagnosis, guiding policy, and coherent actions. Why is product strategy so hard? Why is product strategy so hard?

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453: Creating an effective and motivating product strategy – with Bob Caporale

Product Innovation Educators

A four-layer framework to create a winning product strategy Today we are talking about creating product strategy. Bob is the author of the book Creative Strategy Generation. I first heard of Bob when he was the president of Sequent Learning, the product management training company. Our guest is Bob Caporale.

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3 Empowerment Levels in Product Management

Roman Pichler

Listen to the audio version of this article: [link] Introduction To discuss empowerment in product management, I find it helpful to distinguish three main levels of decision-making authority, product delivery, product discovery, and product strategy, as the model in Figure 1 shows. [1]

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How Product Roadmaps Kill Outcomes [Dave Martin]


How is the outcome-based roadmap different from regular roadmaps? Why do product managers need them? That’s what Dave Martin , a product leadership coach, has talked about in his talk at this year’s Product Drive Summit hosted by Userpilot. Dave Martin on how product roadmaps kill outcomes.

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Avoid ‘Product’ Ground Hog Day: Unlocking Success When Crafting an Outcome-Driven Roadmap

The Product Coalition

It was another bad start to what seemed like Groundhog Day. “I This was the third conversation we were having about the product, an app that served our own company along with external customers. We went away from detailed, long-term, feature-committed roadmaps. But it’s not like we shut the product down.

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