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Product in Practice: Bringing the Discovery Habits to WebMD

Product Talk

The larger and more complex your company is, the more challenging it can be to introduce continuous discovery. Sandrine Veillet ’s Product in Practice story perfectly exemplifies this. Sandrine Veillet ’s Product in Practice story perfectly exemplifies this. Do you have a Product in Practice story you’d like to share?

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10 Tips for New Product Research and Discovery


A new product can feel the same way. There is a place between nothing and a great product that’s full of uncertainty. Now, after a decade of managing products and advising, I find it exciting. These days I look forward to starting research and discovery with nothing but a hypothesis.


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3 tips for a more successful discovery phase

Mind the Product

Delivering products is about high-performing teams building the right things and building them right. To get that right, the discovery phase is a critical part of bringing a new product or feature to market. Read on for three tips on making the discovery phase a success. [.]

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Product Discovery Tips

Roman Pichler

Product discovery is a team sport. You should therefore involve the right people in the discovery work and secure enough of their time. Your goal should be to mitigate the risk of building a product nobody wants and needs, not to figure out the product details. Do Just-Enough Product Discovery Work.

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Building Products Your Customers Love with Empathy and Human Insights

Speaker: Lija Hogan, Customer Experience Consultant at UserTesting & Daniele Hohol, Senior Product Manager at UserTesting

Product teams are continuously under tight deadlines to quickly validate new ideas, features and offerings to innovate successfully, ensure product market fit, and avoid rework. We'll provide examples as well as tangible tips for building customer empathy without delaying your design process.

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Embedding a Customer Feedback Loop Into Your Product Delivery


Constant feedback is the lifeblood pumping into every successful product delivery. And if you want to unleash a steady flow of products and features that your users love, you have to keep your finger on their pulse constantly. Wondering how to anchor these feedback loops into your product? Launch product.

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Setting up research ops for customer discovery

Mind the Product

There were a lot of sessions at our recent MTPCon APAC on Discovery. Following a round table, I thought I’d take some time to write down some recent tips/tricks that I’ve used for scaling discovery. Read more » The post Setting up research ops for customer discovery appeared first on Mind the Product.

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Why Product Managers Must Relearn Their Customers

Speaker: Janelle Estes, CIO, User Testing

The impact on businesses cannot be understated, and product managers have felt the brunt of it. So how do you adapt your product development process knowing that your customer's behaviors and expectations have completely changed over the past year? Integrating their feedback is the first step!

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Product Management Excellence: Data-Driven Insights into High Performance

Speaker: Jeff Lash, VP and Group Director, Product Management, SiriusDecisions

What do high performing Product Management teams do right? SiriusDecisions has conducted research into highly successful organizations, looked at the data, and identified the key characteristics that separate the top performers from everyone else. Symptoms of product team issues and how to address them.

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Product Management & The 3 E’s: Experiments, Experiences, and Efficiencies

Speaker: Nicole Munson, Senior Product Manager at American Express

Every product manager labors over creating the perfect customer experience. Whether that’s an ineffective design, a confusingly placed button, or how difficult it is to log into your favorite site, mastering the obstacles to creating a frictionless product is a science. Tips and tricks to understand data efficiently.

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When Life Gives You Lemons Make PM Lemonade: Surviving Product Management During Crisis

Speaker: Vivek Bedi, Keynote Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur

In fact, the entire way product managers work has completely changed. The work/life balance of PMs is being tested; managing a product team and various roadmaps virtually adds to the list of current challenges. Meanwhile many professionals are exploring if pivoting into product management is a career path for them.

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How Product Managers Can Define a Product Vision to Guide Their Team

Speaker: Christian Bonilla, VP of Product Management at UserTesting

Every product team wants to build things users love. It’s why breakthrough products rarely happen by accident. Rather, they start with a strong product vision. Getting that vision right is one of the most important responsibilities of the product team. How to position your vision as an umbrella for the product strategy.

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Boost Your IT Success by Making the Move From Project-Driven to Product-Led

However, a recent survey from Gartner stated that: "66% of leaders think that they are digitally transforming their business, yet only 11% of CEOs are actually doing so." 85% of organizations have adopted, or plan to adopt a transition from being project-driven to product-led. Provides resources and tips on how to get started.