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In Pursuit of the Checkered Flag: The Challenge of Developing a Driverless Race Car System

Product Management Unpacked

CMU Master of Science in Product Management program student Erick Valencia landed a PM experience of a lifetime as part of a student team developing a driverless race car system to race in the Indy Autonomous Challenge. His was one of six sub-teams all designing portions of the autonomous driving system. “I Mid-summer test.

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Digital Sustainability: A Growing Frontier in Software Development

The Product Coalition

Sustainability Spans The Entire Lifecycle Whether you are already a champion of green computing or are just beginning to grasp its significance due to the evolving client and regulatory landscapes, understanding and actively reducing the carbon footprint of our software creations is not just important — it’s imperative.


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Guide to the Software Engineer Career Path

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Trying to better understand the software engineer career path? Want to know what your next steps are as an engineer as you make your way to CTO? An engineering career can go in many different directions depending on your technical skill set and what you want out of a job. We've got your covered.

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Diversity and Inclusion: Are You Sabotaging Your Product Success?

280 Group

It is due to the discriminatory gatekeeping in the interview process and the lack of career advancement for Black PMs who do get through the door. software engineering, product design, scrum master, etc). We offer resume review, coaches, and a buddy system for members preparing for interviews. My Journey.

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How 12 Top Tech Companies Interview Software Engineers

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

It is no secret that software engineering interviews are rigorous and extensive today. Nevertheless, there are some general trends you can expect in many of your software engineering interviews. Nevertheless, there are some general trends you can expect in many of your software engineering interviews.

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How to Make Product Management for Enterprise Systems Work

Mind the Product

I love building enterprise systems, because you get to work with your customers/users every day and literally see their lives change as you release new features. In my case, at Zalando , these are systems for fashion buying, supply chain management, inventory management and procure-to-pay processes (e.g. At Zalando, we changed this.

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How Netflix builds a culture of excellence | Elizabeth Stone (CTO)

Lenny Rachitsky

Netflix does not have a structured performance review system; instead it relies on ongoing conversations and the annual 360 feedback process. Operating a company with informal performance reviews and limited planning processes requires competent, driven, and trustworthy individuals.

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