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Mind the Product

Hard on the heels of mtpcon Digital Americas in May, our mtpEngage conference in Hamburg returned in June after a two-year absence. This month we also aired podcasts with California’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer Rick Klau and Mark Tsirekas, VP of Product at nutritional science startup Zoe.

Top Product Management Resources to Help PMs Do More With Less


Product managers are facing a bevy of external challenges in 2022. The economic outlook is changing, the digital transformation continues, and PMs are now asked to do more with less. .


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How to Prevent Burnout Using Timeboxing

Nir Eyal

A 2021 Indeed survey shows 52% of 1,500 American respondents say they feel burned out, compared with 43% the year prior; 67% believe that burnout worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s not surprising. The post How to Prevent Burnout Using Timeboxing appeared first on Nir and Far.

Analytics - Google Free

The Product Bistro

As I drift further from Google properties, trying to rid myself of as much of their tentacles of control across the web, I made the decision to delete the Google Analytics tracking in my web properties.

How to Choose the Right Business Intelligence Vendor

How does your current BI vendor stack up against the competition? Who’s the perfect vendor for your business needs? Find out by downloading your complimentary copy today!

What’s stopping teams from running experiments by Cameron Savage

Mind the Product

In this #mtpcon SF+Americas 2022 Spotlight session, sponsored by LaunchDarkly, the company’s Principal Product Manager Cameron Savage looks at what stops teams from running experiments. [.]

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How product analytics helps companies navigate uncertain times


Sharing our product-analytics dashboard for tracking business health. The economy was in the midst of a bounceback at the start of 2022. Across industries, we saw record-high company valuations and a renewed sense of optimism. But as we’ve learned over the last few years, anything can happen.

3 Takeaways from Surveying SaaS Investors About the Downturn


Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an annoyingly-positive optimist. But like every CEO, I’m also constantly paranoid. So two narratives are constantly battling away in my brain right now: “The market opportunity for SaaS has never been better.”. The stock market is down by how much?”.

Customer Centricity: Part 2 (of 2) – Daniel Harris on The Product Experience

Mind the Product

In this weeks' podcast, we jump straight back into our chat with Daniel Harris about customer-centricity and developing that mindset in product management. Let's get straight back to the chat! [.]

6 Reasons to Invest in Responsive Web Design Services

UX Studio

Have you ever run into a website that looked awful on your phone? And not only that, but the fonts were too big, the pictures were over the edge… What’s more, you couldn’t find the menu or tap the buttons you wanted to. Luckily, a website with a responsive design will never have those problems.

How to Run Your Business Like a CPO: Product Management From a Pro

Speaker: Karl Rumelhart, CPO at Gainsight

Join Karl Rumelhart, CPO at Gainsight, to discover key insights from a CPO perspective on how product teams can make an impact on their organizations, even in today’s economic climate.

Why Your Engineers Are Hungry for Your Product Vision.

The Product Coalition

Let’s talk about how to define a product vision, and why the lack of a product vision is so detrimental to your team. There’s this thing that happens to many of us when we feel overwhelmed or busy.

Vision 102

What a Product Manager Needs to Know About Information Security Roles and Responsibilities: Internal and for Their Product or Service

Spice Catalyst

If you’re a product manager in charge of information security for your organization, you’re probably well aware of the importance of cybersecurity.

390: Experiences that make product managers grow – with Tom Leung

Product Innovation Educators

Lessons learned from a product manager’s experiences at Google and YouTube. Most of us have become product managers and then moved on (or will move on) to product leadership based on our experiences and knowledge. We encounter tools along the way—some that are helpful and some that are not.

SUNDAY REWIND: What world-class product management teams do differently

Mind the Product

What is the secret ingredient for creating world-class product management teams? In this Sunday Rewind episode, Jeff Lash, VP and Group Director at SiriusDecisions – acquired by Forrester gave us some insight. [.]

Customer Preferences: How Community Can Deliver a Simplified Experience

Your customers want a simplified customer experience. Make sure you give it to them with community. Download the whitepaper to learn more!

How to Use The Jobs To Be Done Framework in Product Management


What is the application of the jobs-to-be-done model in product management ? How can you use it to build successful products? How is it useful for user onboarding? If you would like to get the answers to these questions (and a few more too), we’ve got you covered! Ready to dive in? TL;DR.

Why Product Management Might Not Be the Best Fit for You

The Product Coalition

Do you find being a product manager particularly challenging? Take a look at these nine indicators to determine if product management is the right career for you, or not. Let’s be real for a second?—?digital

Fintech Product Portfolio Management: How Outcome-Focused Teams Scale


Fintech (financial technology) is a cutthroat, complex, and increasingly competitive industry. With the need for increased speed to market to stay competitive, fintech product leaders need to run their product portfolio like a well-oiled machine.

Why the SaaS Downturn Will Accelerate Product-Led Growth


This post originally appeared in Saas Industry. . It’s been a rough year for SaaS brands: in the past five months, publicly traded cloud companies have slumped by $1.1 trillion, shedding 40% of their value.

Omnichannel is Multichannel 2.0

Multichannel and omnichannel marketing are not the same. Many organizations are striving for omnichannel, but it can be a daunting journey—unless you have a map. Download your copy of the ultimate omnichannel guide today!

What we learned at the 2022 #mtpEngage Leadership Forum

Mind the Product

I looked him straight into the eyes. He looked back at me. We didn’t say a single word. No one dared to move. Everything was still for 5 mins. What sounds like a plot to the latest John Grisham crime novel was actually a way to hack leadership.

6 Customer Fit Types and How to Use Them To Drive Customer Success


While everyone talks about product-market fit, finding product-customer fit is equally important when it comes to engaging the right customers and driving success.

40 Leadership Qualities that Can Make You a Great Product Manager

The Product Coalition

The success of any product strategy depends on the attributes and dedication of a quality product manager. Let’s explore 40 attributes… Continue reading on Product Coalition ». product-management data-science leadership nlp product-development

Product-Led Growth: The Best SaaS Scaling Approach in 2022 🚀🚀


If you feel you have been missing the mark with your customers lately, you might need a switch-up in your business model. But how do you choose between all of the business strategies out there? What is the best tactic to use in today’s fast-paced market?

Better Learning, Better Results: A Guide for Product and Project Leaders

Continuous improvement is the differentiator that can drive your team to the next level. Download our 4-step guide to collaborative learning and position your team for success.

The Power of Visibility


This blog is part of Gainsight’s celebration of Pride month and all the LGBT+ members of our community. Growing up in a small town about 30 miles West of Chicago, almost everyone looked like me: white and straight.

What is a UX Survey and How to Conduct One?


What are UX surveys and when should you, as a UX designer use them? Conducting UX research and analyzing customer feedback helps you stay relevant to your customers and drive retention. Isn’t that what every SaaS company is aiming for?

UX 52

Heads Off: The App that Allowed Me to Scream for Ten Days

The Product Coalition

‘Head Tripping Action’ and fun for everyone, and I loved every minute. What have you wanted to do the most ever since 2020 started? I have had countless moments full of rage, sorrow and deep anguish. The burning urge to simply open my mouth and let out a primal sound has been real.

Building a WebSocket Server Using AWS API Gateway

Modus Create

This post will teach you how to create a WebSocket server to attend to millions of simultaneous connections. We will build the WebSocket server with a serverless architecture using the AWS API Gateway. This will require the following services from AWS: API Gateway, Lambda, and DynamoDB.

A Strategic Guide to Community Gamification

Does creating engaged customers and impacting CS objectives sound interesting? Learn more about how gamification can help your customer success team in our free eBook.