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Fractional CTO Services Explained

Valerian Tech

The role of a Fractional Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is to provide technical expertise and leadership to a company on a part-time or temporary basis. This can be a useful option for startups or small businesses that may not have the resources to hire a full-time CTO or may not need one on a permanent basis.

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Why Product Managers Should not Report to the CTO

Mind the Product

Product managers often end up reporting to the CTO, and some will argue that this is a good thing. Why Shouldn’t a CTO be the Boss? So if they report to the CTO it creates the impression of bias against the business and user. How can CTOs Help? If you’re a CTO, what can you do to help your product managers?

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Wartime Product Leadership lessons

The Product Coalition

So what does this mean for Product teams, and specifically product leadership? Tear up the roadmap & OKRs. Myself and our CTO have been side-by-side in leading and working with our small caretaker team. Once the instruments to drive direction & focus, now feel obsolete. Have a co-captain. Thank you for reading.

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Product Managers: Learn How To Manage Your Product Leadership Team

Bain Public

Roadmapping has become a political problem. Over the last decade, there has been advancements in the product world where the CEO is no longer the only one who calls the shots; now, there is a Product Leadership Team (PLT) who is supposed to work collaboratively with the product manager on defining the next set of features of a product.

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437: Product road mapping for executives to align customer needs and business strategy – with Maziar Adl

Product Innovation Educators

How product mangers can improve collaboration in cross-functional teams Today we are talking with Maziar Adl, the co-founder and CTO of Gocious, an organization that creates product roadmap management software. 6:52] Did you find a gap in the roadmapping tools that were available before you started Gocious?

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Billion dollar failures, and billion dollar success | Tom Conrad (Quibi, Pandora,, Snap, Zero)

Lenny Rachitsky

Brought to you by Coda —Meet the evolution of docs | Jira Product Discovery —Atlassian’s new prioritization and roadmapping tool built for product teams | HelpBar by Chameleon —the free in-app universal search solution built for SaaS — Tom Conrad is the CEO of Zero and on the board of Sonos.

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The Benefits of DevOps for Legacy Businesses in the Digital Age

Valerian Tech

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of DevOps for legacy businesses and how a Fractional CTO can help overcome the challenges of DevOps adoption. First, legacy businesses often face cultural barriers and resistance to change when it comes to implementing new technologies and practices.