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14 NPS Survey Best Practices For SaaS: How to Leverage NPS Surveys


Is there such a thing as NPS survey best practices? If you want to measure customer loyalty and user sentiment in general, following NPS best practices is a must. There’s much more to NPS than sending users a customer feedback survey. Two questions are ideal in an NPS survey.

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VR In UX Research: All You Need To Know About VR User Testing

UX Studio

As a consequence, they open up interesting new territories in UX research, too. VR in UX research can serve as an individual tool to explore user needs and test complex user experiences. We collected some best practices for those looking to learn more about or just getting started with VR user testing.


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Four Key Product Management Lessons from a Product Manager at Mailchimp

Alchemer Mobile

Whether you’re new to the product management field or a seasoned professional, it’s always valuable to learn from your peers’ lived experiences. We recently sat down with four product experts and asked them about their experiences in this field. What strategies do you use to prioritize your product roadmap?

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4 Key Elements of Testing VR


Was it entirely in the name of research? But using the Oculus Quest did get us thinking about what goes into Customer Validation for VR and emerging tech. Below is a summary of our discussion on the testing strategies that bring delightful VR products to market. Collecting Feedback from Actual Customers.

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Unlock Product Growth

One that can help product and marketing teams understand what drives users to engage with your product, discover new audiences, test and iterate on new experiences, and quickly measure the impact of investments. Building a foundation for growth begins with the right analytics solution.

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How to get stakeholder buy-in for user research: 31 expert tips


Armed with the proper tools, guidance and methods of communication, you should be able to convince anyone within your organisation about the value of user research and the positive impact it will have on the bottom line – without resorting to cattle-prods, lies or locking yourself in the stationery cupboard and having a very loud cry.

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How much should I pay UX test participants?


Once you’ve successfully overcome the initial challenges of test participant recruitment , including what recruitment method to use , and how many people to recruit for your research , it’s time to think about compensation. Are your users hard to find (low incidence rates in the general population). Bada-bing bada-boom.