Mon.Mar 20, 2023

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Customer Success Manager: The Quarterback For Your Voice of Customer (VOC) Structure

Product Management University

Customer success managers are the owners of your customer accounts. If your organization is looking to create or strengthen its voice of customer (VOC) structure and organize the chaos of talking to customers on all fronts, customer success managers have to play the role of quarterback (American football). What is Voice of Customer Structure? There are multiple disciplines and roles that regularly interact with customers for a variety of reasons.

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Nichole Mace: Products, pricing, and pitfalls

Mind the Product

Product managers today play an important role in determining the pricing strategy of their products. We speak to Nichole Mace, VP of Product Growth at Pendo, about the history of pricing and product, the struggles, and her tips to influence your pricing model that provide the most value for your users. Product managers and pricing Read more » The post Nichole Mace: Products, pricing, and pitfalls appeared first on Mind the Product.

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Great Value Proposition Examples

AB Tasty

Your value proposition, or Unique Selling Point, is at the heart of your product or service. Learn more about this essential piece of your business: what a good value proposition looks like and how to write a great one.

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9 Challenging Participant Types (and How to Reset with Them)

dscout People Nerds

When a 1-1 session isn’t going as planned, how can you get the participant back on track? This article has you covered.

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Platform Product Management Beyond Features: Introducing B-MAP for Platform Ecosystem Success

Traditional PM struggles with the complexities of platform ecosystems. B-MAP framework tackles this challenge. B-MAP goes beyond features, focusing on building, managing, adapting, and partnering to foster a thriving platform ecosystem.

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Q2 2023 Writing Workshop Open for Registration

Johanna Rothman

Do you struggle with writing? You'd like to write more and faster, but things are just not working for you. I can help. I have opened the Q2 2023 Free Your Inner Writer workshop for registration. If you want to write easier and faster, read the book. If you want my support in your writing, take the workshop. (If you haven't yet bought the book, I'll give you a copy as part of the workshop.

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Notetaking for UX Research: Templates & Methods


Achieve faster, easier note-taking for UX research with skillful tips, templates, and examples.

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Nearshore Software Development: Your Complete Guide

TurnKey Labs

This (shockingly insightful!) article will discuss the basics and benefits of nearshore software development. Knowledge is power—when you understand all of your options, you’ll pick the one that will keep your software dev team riding the big waves. Let’s get started! List of Content What Is Nearshore Software Development? How Does Nearshoring Work?

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Pain in tech; Here's our Product Team in Residence (PTIR) service.

Bain Public

As other companies follow big tech’s lead in shrinking their workforces, they are also likely to shrink their spending on product management. Considering layoffs? Many startups anticipate that raising more funds in the near future will be difficult, if not impossible. We recognized this, which is why we are ready to work with your different product stakeholders to make it a smooth transition through our Product Team in Residence (PTIR) service to help you create alignment around the roadmap and

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Quiet Light takes Attendees on a tour of Cambridge

Business of Software Conference

Hop-On Hop-Off Cambridge: Guided Open Top Bus Tour The wonderful people over at Quiet Light are happy to announce they’re taking attendees on a tour of Cambridge before early registration on Sunday 26 March! The CambridgeOpen top Tour Bus will take round all the sights of Cambridge: Queen’s Road – Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial – Madingley Road – Grange Road – Silver Street – Downing Street – Bridge Street – Trinity Street – M

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Reimagined: Building Products with Generative AI

“Reimagined: Building Products with Generative AI” is an extensive guide for integrating generative AI into product strategy and careers featuring over 150 real-world examples, 30 case studies, and 20+ frameworks, and endorsed by over 20 leading AI and product executives, inventors, entrepreneurs, and researchers.

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Gainsight Essentials: A Year in Review


By Tim Van Lew, Director of Customer Success Strategy, Gainsight Yes, it’s uncommon to see a year-in-review article in spring. While the economic challenges of the last couple months may have some of you feeling like you’ve lived a full twelve months in the last two, we doubt this post will add to your doom and gloom. In fact, its purpose is to celebrate!

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7 ways our Design team uses Productboard at Productboard


Productboard is designed to help product teams understand what customers need, prioritize what to build next, and align everyone around the roadmap. Alongside product managers, our designers are avid users of Productboard and benefit greatly from gaining a deep understanding of customer needs and feedback trends, staying organized within our product teams, as well as understanding how our work.

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How I Learned to Market My UXR Business

dscout People Nerds

As a business owner, you have to wear many hats. See how this solopreneur finally found her own voice and direction when it comes to marketing.

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428: Six strategies that accelerate innovation – with Matt Phillips

Product Innovation Educators

How product managers can give their products momentum to get across the finish line Identifying the strategies that accelerate innovation starts with the question: “What do the world’s best innovation teams do differently?” To find the answer, we are talking with Matt Phillips, who interviewed over 100 new product innovation leaders, identifying six key strategies they use to cut through bureaucracy, find winning ideas sooner, and improve their success rate at launch.

Strategy 101
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Entity Resolution Checklist: What to Consider When Evaluating Options

Are you trying to decide which entity resolution capabilities you need? It can be confusing to determine which features are most important for your project. And sometimes key features are overlooked. Get the Entity Resolution Evaluation Checklist to make sure you’ve thought of everything to make your project a success! The list was created by Senzing’s team of leading entity resolution experts, based on their real-world experience.

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13 Emerging Customer Service Trends to Follow in 2023


With so many companies prioritizing their customer service efforts for a good reason, we decided to list 13 emerging customer service trends that can help you exceed customer expectations and drive business growth. Thanks to a combination of tools, systems, and strategies, driving customer retention through optimal customer service is easier than ever before.

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Chameleon vs Userlane – Which is Better for Interactive User Guides?


Which tool is more suitable for creating interactive user guides, Chameleon or Userlane? Or is there any other in-app onboarding software that better suits your requirements? To make the right decision, you need to think about what features are most important to you and what functionality you’ll require from the tool you choose. And, of course, you also need to keep the price in mind and make sure it aligns with your budget.

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Chameleon vs Apty – Which Is Better for Interactive User Guides?


Which is the ideal tool for interactive user guides; Chameleon or Apty? Or is there an in-app onboarding software superior to the two? With so many tools available on review sites, finding a software that suits your requirements and budget can be overwhelming. This article examines the necessary features for the perfect interactive user guide tool and helps you select the best fit for your company’s needs and budget.

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Pendo vs Mixpanel: Which Product Analytics Tool Should You Choose?


Pendo vs Mixpanel? Which of the two is better for your SaaS product team? If you're after the answer to this question, we've got you covered! Let's dive into our comparison of the two analytics tools , their key features, strengths and weaknesses, along with their pricing plans. TL;DR Pendo is a product adoption tool whereas Mixpanel is a purely analytics software.

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The Big Payoff of Application Analytics

Outdated or absent analytics won’t cut it in today’s data-driven applications – not for your end users, your development team, or your business. That’s what drove the five companies in this e-book to change their approach to analytics. Download this e-book to learn about the unique problems each company faced and how they achieved huge returns beyond expectation by embedding analytics into applications.