Thu.Dec 01, 2022

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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Customer Success Leader


Customer Success (CS) leadership roles can be hard to define. If you interviewed 100 SaaS CEOs about what’s in and out of scope for a Chief Customer Officer (CCO) , chances are you’d get 200 answers.

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Dear product stakeholder, please show me some love

Mind the Product

In this adapted excerpt from his recent book Sweet Stakeholder Love: Powerful Insights and Tactics to Deal with Stakeholder Issues Better and Achieve More Success at Work Sigi Osagie discusses stakeholder management. [.]

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Investing in Internal Documentation: A Brick-by-Brick Guide for Startups

First Round Review

David Nunez, an early hire at Stripe and Uber, shares his step-by-step playbook for establishing good internal documentation habits at your startup. He unpacks his tested tactics for creating a culture of documentation, setting the quality bar and keeping things organized

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How We’re Turning Feedback into Strategic Product Decisions


There is no shortage of product ideas. They come from everywhere. Customer feedback, feature requests, and new ideas born from your interpretation of your product strategy—can all be the starting point for your company’s next great opportunity.

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Fail Well, Pivot Fast: Product Experimentation for Continuous Discovery

Speaker: William Haas Evans - Principal Consultant, Head of Product Strategy & Design Practice, Kuroshio Consulting

This presentation will explore the basics of the scientific method and examine how proper experimental design, multiple hypothesis testing, cohort analysis, and split testing can effectively reduce batch size and lead to validated insights. You'll leave the webinar with a new understanding of how to experiment in a way that generates real insights, not just noise.

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Intercom’s Product Principles: building solutions that fit the bill

Intercom, Inc.

At Intercom, we value principles over processes. As we’ve scaled, we’ve distilled and fine-tuned the foundations that shape what we build and how we build it.

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A Guide to Hiring and Growing Your UXR Dream Team

dscout People Nerds

Before you hire another researcher, check out this thoughtful approach on figuring out the right people and roles for your team

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Track the latest patents filed on your market

Canadian Metalworking Magazine

Keep up with the innovation strategies of your competitors with Feedly’s AI Engine. We heard from our market intelligence customers that it is extremely time consuming to keep up with latest patents in their industry.

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Storytelling lessons from SBF of FTX that you can actually learn


SBF did all the wrong things with money, but all the right things with press. An analysis of FTX’s 7-part media playbook, and what other founders can learn from it… Tech reporters aren’t pollyannish about startups, and the kind of coverage FTX enjoyed didn’t just happen.

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Infographic: How investing in product management pays


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How to Build Your Product Team's Second Brain

Product management is one of the most complex knowledge jobs. Download and see how you can dramatically increase productivity and chances of building the right product for the right audience when you manage work and knowledge at the same place.