Marketing doesn’t stop when you’ve acquired a customer

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It really is our “knowledge base” Look beyond FAQs. Sales & Marketing activation content marketing customer acquisition customer loyalty documentation expansion help content knowledge base Marketing Content product demos product education retention webinars

Educate your customers through self-help support

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Support Hero is an advanced knowledge base system for Saas apps. Support Hero is self-service knowledge base that helps companies educate their clients. knowledge-base support-heroes saas faq siftery-creator-stories

Positioning Technical Features to Sound Simple

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For example, let’s say you have a knowledge base platform that’s used by customer service professionals and it has unique capabilities that would help the CSRs in a way that improves their productivity and helps their organization improve customer satisfaction scores. Our product is very unique technically, but we’re having trouble positioning technical features in non-technical terms. No one understands our unique value. Any suggestions?

Modus Becomes Atlassian Gold Solution Partner

Modus Create

Those additional accreditations and certifications mean that we have expanded our already significant global knowledge base around the best collaboration tools in the market. We’re excited to announce that Modus Create has been named an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner! After gaining a Silver level badge just 9 months ago, our team’s many additional certifications and proven client success stories have propelled us to the next level of partnership.

Feature Release: User Segments


Our knowledge base has been updated with a new User Segments section. We’re excited to announce our newest tool, User Segments!

Resilience: A Business Acumen Superpower

Business Acumen Institute

Business people who continually learn by the situations they encounter build a knowledge base to problem-solve and to pivot as unanticipated conditions arise. In the Business Acumen Handbook, there’s a tool to carry out a business acumen assessment that will help a business person to uncover knowledge gaps and create a purposeful professional development strategy. Change is hard. Being positive, calm, and logical in the face of change can feel downright impossible.

How to Foster Healthy Communication When Your Team is Distributed

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Shared knowledge bases – JIRA, Confluence, Roadmunk, Airtable, etc. Pooling knowledge and creating consistent communication points is vital. It’s also a great way to document knowledge held in one team and easily share it across teams as needed. Whether co-located or distributed, a shared vision leads to shared values, which leads to shared knowledge, which leads to shared understanding.

eG Enterprise Staffing Guidelines for Citrix Digital Workspace Services

eG Innovations

This post will outline some of the ITIL guidance from the perspective of eG Enterprise and a Citrix-based digital workspace. the context of all events/alerts is based on end user and digital service performance.

TEI 174: Voice of the Customer tools product managers use – with Colleen Knuff

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One example of this was a client who had built a knowledge base that she was convinced would transform her team’s process. One example of this was a client who had built a knowledge base that she was convinced would transform her team’s process.

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25 Website Feedback Button Tools and How to Set It Up


Apart from user feedback widgets, UserEcho also offers a knowledge base and forum where your customers can leave feedback, while others can comment and vote. Emojics is based on what’s becoming an increasingly popular way to express emotion – emoji.

Gleaning Product Insights from Your User Onboarding Process


If your company offers webinar-based training or does one-on-one conference calls (hopefully with screen sharing) to get your customers started with your products, you have a great opportunity to sit back and take notes on what you hear (and see) during these sessions.

How Intercom helped a bootstrapped SaaS business punch above its weight

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In addition to talking to customers directly, you can empower them to find answers themselves using Intercom’s knowledge base. This enables you to create segments of users based on things like location, revenue, industry or certain behaviors within the product.

Product thinking: behind our new Messenger home screen

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Powered by our knowledge base product , it suggested articles to people after they typed a message. It worked well, but we started to ask ourselves: what if we could get people to check out the knowledge base before typing a message?

Grow with the flow: scaling live chat for personal customer support

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We’ve moved from call centers, to ticket-based helpdesks, to increasingly personal types of customer support. However, for most companies, “self-service” support means a static, monolithic knowledge base intended to deflect customers, hoping they find the answer for themselves. These knowledge bases offer an impersonal, out of date, deliberate dead end whose sole purpose is to keep support costs down.

The 5 Minute Guide to Design Systems


New employees have access to a shared general knowledge base and components for designers, PMs, and engineers. The kit was based on our experience building our internal design system across two offices. What a design system is, why you need one, and how to build it.

The importance of an effective product marketing strategy

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Similarly, when we launched our new knowledge base product in December 2016, it became clear that product and marketing were not aligned on what the product was, let alone how we should take it to market. Raechel: “Why does our own knowledge base, powered by our new product, live at docs.intercom. Paul was (rightly) arguing that the product was more than a knowledge base and that we needed to help build a bridge to the future.

Enhance your answers – how to handle frequently asked questions

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Whether you call it an FAQ page, a help center or knowledge base , collecting the resources and responses to people’s most common problems in a single, easily searchable location creates a first port of call for your customers.

How customer service chatbots are redefining support with AI

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AI chatbots use your existing information and resources, like FAQs or knowledge bases , to answer questions and offer help. You should think about adding a chatbot feature like this to your website if: You have a global, growing base of customers.

How to Make an Impact on the Product Management Community in 15 Minutes

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the PM benchmarking survey covers 4 areas Your participation greatly adds to this knowledge base that will be available to the product management community, helping inform strategic decisions and effect change.

How B2C companies are using live chat to drive sales and offer a personalized customer experience

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Divi is a volume based product with a fairly low average subscription price, so Mitch hypothesized that live chat could be used to accelerate interested buyers toward a faster purchase decision. “We For online businesses, customer experience is king.

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How to maintain high quality conversations with your customers at scale

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Other important ingredients for a quality conversation can be harder to measure, such as the product knowledge and tone of your customer support agents. A reviewer then scores a conversation based on a number of criteria.

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Customize your user onboarding with these 11 onboarding tools

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Ask yourself and your team questions like: “What do users like about our onboarding?” – This could be based on analytics or customer feedback.

The Best Product Management Podcasts

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He is interviewed in this fascinating podcast, and discusses some useful insights into the world of product management based on his years of experience in the field. What better way is there to learn and improve than listening to expert insights?

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Getting the Best Products to Speak for Themselves

Mind the Product

Everyone in your company has a unique insight into the customer experience: Marketing teams shape your customers’ on-site experience and share knowledge through educational resources. Give Your Product a Voice.

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How we Created a Successful Weekly User Feedback Program

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We created a link on our knowledge base that connects to a Typeform that asks users for information about their usage and who they are. If you’re a product manager, UX researcher, or startup founder, you know how valuable customer feedback can be. You’ve probably heard the current buzzword “continuous delivery” and recognise that learning about your users’ problems and experiences on an ongoing basis makes for better, more creative, and effective product decisions.

How customer support can keep up with customer expectations

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While chat is especially helpful for new customers, Zenoti moved their knowledge base to Intercom to take advantage of the machine learning available in Intercom Articles. Articles recommends what content to write next based on customer searches.

Growing Pains: What to Expect When Your Startup Hits a Growth Spurt

This is a good time to start considering support automation tools, chat support solutions and to start planning your knowledge base. “When in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout”. Anonymous.

User onboarding strategies that work – and mistakes to avoid

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That’s why we built Product Tours to assist with the job of user onboarding within your product, alongside our best-in-class in-app messaging and knowledge base products. Mistake #5: Sending time-based onboarding messages (or no messages at all).

Growing Pains: What to Expect When Your Startup Hits a Growth Spurt

This is a good time to start considering support automation tools, chat support solutions and to start planning your knowledge base. “When in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout”. Anonymous.

Key strategies to successfully scale your customer support

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It’s an age old question for anyone leading a customer support organization, the sort of challenge that requires continuous innovation as a company and its customer base expands.

Dear Strategy: 076 Communicating New Features To The Marketplace

Dear Strategy

I can’t tell you how many times I look to a company’s knowledge base, only to discover that their very own support materials have already been rendered obsolete. Dear Strategy: “How do you communicate new features to users in a fast, Agile release cadence?”. . Here we have a question that could be interpreted as being somewhat more tactical than strategic.

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How to balance customer success and revenue in sales

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Our customer success managers, or CSMs, typically step in after a large deal has closed and provide tailored onboarding based on the customer’s specific goals. At many companies, sales teams direct customers to their company’s knowledge base or customer support team for onboarding help.

Want your support team to drive revenue? Go real-time

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Despite 6+ months of tweaking, we’re still working hard to improve our scheduling – and continue to iterate and experiment on the right volume of shifts in a row, day and week for our team based on conversation trends.

Support: the product manager’s secret weapon

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Basing your product roadmap on ad-hoc promises made to win a sale is a sure-fire way to lose sight of your vision for the product, and doesn’t actually address the needs of your end users. As a product manager, you want to build products that people want to buy and that customers love.

How To Hold Better Meetings With The Help Of Graphic Facilitation

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Creating paper-based drawings gives participants a completely different feeling. Later on, your own distinctive style will emerge and the principles learned while copying will serve as a great knowledge base. I first heard about graphic facilitation at a UX conference where the speakers made amazing drawings during their talks. I found it pretty cool but took it for just a great way to make some notes.

New Product Development: an Introduction to Gate Systems

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These team members should not be penalized for this as they are contributing to the general knowledge base of the company that may well lead to other successes down the line.

Defining customer support: why it’s key to your long-term success

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Depending on the industry, these services can range from call centers to ticket-based helpdesks, from self-serve knowledge bases to increasingly personal types of customer support using tools such as Intercom.

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Hearing About Accounts, Listening for Segments

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An educational software company might assign 30 large East Coast private universities to its Boston-based sales rep.) Yet some of Citibank’s demands are, indeed, of broad value to our entire customer base. Which help pages or knowledge base articles are end users accessing the most?

Three Superpowers of a Product Manager

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For a complete handbook on how to use a certain software product we use Wikipedia’s open source MediaWiki to create our own company Wiki as a knowledge base accessible to anyone within the company.

Product man, Renaissance man

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The product manager of today is wearing many hats, using a broad knowledge base to define the problem-solution-fit, make trade-off decisions, bringing together cross-functional teams, ensuring alignment between diverse functions, while still commanding the respect of engineering.