12 Knowledge Base Structure Best Practices For SaaS Companies


Applying knowledge base structure best practices can help users get answers faster in a self-service world. An effective knowledge base will: streamline the onboarding process. This article outlines the best practices for creating an ideal knowledge base structure.

Chatbots vs Knowledge Bases: Which One Is Better for Customer Support?


Which is best for self-service support : chatbots vs knowledge bases? This is where chatbots and knowledge bases come into play as two of the most effective self-service solutions. What is a knowledge base? Types of knowledge bases.


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10 SaaS Knowledge Base Examples and Best Tools to Build Yours


Looking for SaaS knowledge base examples? In this article, we’re going to look at ten excellent SaaS knowledge base examples and look to reverse-engineer some valuable tactics you can use when creating your knowledge base for self-service support.

Structuring a product discovery knowledge base (pt. 4/6)

The Product Coalition

Article 4 in a series about how to establish a robust, scalable, and lean product discovery framework in your organization. Continue reading on Product Coalition ». user-research product-management product-discovery product startup

Leadership Panel: Lessons Learnt from a Global Support Community

Speaker: Panel hosted by Adrian Speyer, Head of Community, Vanilla Forums

Are you struggling to support your global community? Or, are you not even sure where you should start. Establishing a global support community comes with many many questions. How do you encourage your customers to help others? What are the key metrics to measure? What are the biggest challenges? Our super panel consists of community leaders from around the world, each of whom, have experienced and overcome the challenges of a global support community. They are ready to share the trials and triumphs, and everything in between, on the road to a successful community.

How To Create The Perfect Knowledge Base for your SaaS in 6 Simple Steps & Crush Your Support Ticket Numbers + EXAMPLES


A great knowledge base will not only crush your support ticket volume, but also help you keep more users (aka: reduce churn) at every stage of the user journey. In this blog, we’ll show you the right way to build and maintain a knowledge base that delivers for you and your users.

Free Your Knowledge Base: Part 1


Today, most B2B support knowledge bases are locked behind customer logins. In this two-part blog series, I’m going to talk about the ways in which knowledge management is evolving and how your business can adapt But “The Times They Are A-Changin’ ” It’s time to rethink that decision.

B2B 40

Keep it fresh: Managing a knowledge base that retains users


These days, many companies offer a knowledge base for their customers to use. The self-service aspect of knowledge bases makes them natural time-savers for users and businesses alike. The business impact of great knowledge bases. Knowledge bases reduce churn.

Customer Service Model For SaaS—The Complete Guide


Constant improvement based on feedback. Personalize your in-app support hub content based on user segments , user events, localization, and more. Track your module’s performance based on target audiences (user segments), so you can offer the right customer service to the right users.

The Ultimate Guide to SaaS Product Education


In other companies, educational content is developed by customer success teams that also create other customer-facing resources such as a knowledge base. Easy and quick access to knowledge is highly valued by users. What is product education?

How to deal with customer requests?

The Product Coalition

There are several popular ways that companies answer users’ questions: a help desk with tickets, a knowledge base with articles, and live chat with support agents. Often, a knowledge base comes as a part of the support process, for example, with a chat or a help desk.

Marketing doesn’t stop when you’ve acquired a customer

Inside Intercom

It really is our “knowledge base” Look beyond FAQs. Sales & Marketing activation content marketing customer acquisition customer loyalty documentation expansion help content knowledge base Marketing Content product demos product education retention webinars

Announcing three brand new features to help scale your support

Inside Intercom

A worldwide customer base is diverse, as are their questions, needs, and requests. Increase self-service with Articles Pro – a multilingual knowledge base. Using Articles Pro , you can build a multilingual knowledge base to provide self-service support that’s available 24/7 in 38 languages without having to hire a single extra rep. As your customer base and product suite grows, you will have an ever-widening range of queries and customer issues to resolve.

Educate your customers through self-help support

The Product Coalition

Support Hero is an advanced knowledge base system for Saas apps. Support Hero is self-service knowledge base that helps companies educate their clients. Support Hero is perfect tool for any growing company that want to help their customers successfully use their product and educate them with a super simple knowledge base. Support Hero does not automatically build your FAQs or knowledge base, but it helps you a LOT creating the right support content.

5 Reasons to Attend Pulse’s Community Track


A customer-driven Knowledge Base. Through your community, you can increase product adoption and customer loyalty with helpful content, peer-to-peer support, self-service, and a knowledge base.

What Is Developer Marketing? [Best Practices & Examples Included]


There are seven common channels for developer marketing: in-app guidance , in-app knowledge bases , blog posts, tech events, Stack Overflow forum, Slack, and Hacker News. In-app knowledge bases. Stripe is a real-life example of a brand that leverages knowledge bases.

HELP! How to Find the Best Help Center Widget for your SaaS Business


Put simply, a help center widget is a way of taking your knowledge base and help documentation, and then embedding it within your product. To summarize, a help center widget places your knowledge base inside your product. You can start by creating your knowledge base.

The Ultimate Guide to Help Center Software for SaaS


I’m sure you can think of times in the past where you were using a particular SaaS product, got stuck on one feature, and then spent ages looking for the knowledge base to diagnose the issue. Difference between a Help Center and a Knowledge Base.

How to Use In-app Help to Improve Customer Onboarding


In-app help includes a button to access support and chat, a help center and knowledge base hub, tooltips to announce new features, hotspots to grab users’ attention, as well as checklists to drive users to the activation point. In-app support help center and knowledge base hub.

15 SaaS Best Help Center Designs That Offer True User Support [+How to Build Yours]


The main difference between a help center and a knowledge base is that the latter is a section on your website, while the former is an in-app resource. Help center vs Knowledge base. Here’s Userpilot’s knowledge base, for example. Userpilot’s knowledge base.

How to lead a product team with context?


Many teams use robust research libraries and build huge knowledge base systems to store research findings. Everyone hates old school, micromanaging bosses, who tell people what to do and how. The type who makes you ask for permission for every little thing.

UX 104

Self Service Support In SaaS in 2021: The Ultimate Guide


A knowledge base can boost your trial to paid conversion rate by flattening the learning curve. This often includes elements like knowledge bases , chatbots, and interactive walkthroughs. Bear in mind that implementing an online knowledge base is a win on both sides.

Moving upmarket as a product manager: What changes and what stays the same?

Inside Intercom

Instead of considering company size when prioritizing the problems to be solved, we classified based on maturity of a customer’s knowledge base”. Classifying customer knowledge base maturity when building Intercom’s Articles product.

10 Golden Rules in Customer Service To Deliver Top-Notch Support and Exceed Customer Expectations


Userpilot is a code-free solution that allows you to create in-app guidance and in-app knowledge bases to provide self-support and enhance the customer experience. These are: Userpilot – for in-app guidance and in-app knowledge bases.

8 Tips to Master Asynchronous Communication

Modus Create

Create a Knowledge Base. Creating a knowledge base isn’t a one-time project but a mindset. You’ve got all the tools in place — an accessible knowledge base and a visual collaboration platform.

Proactive Support in SaaS: How to Offer Next-Level Customer Service


Provide better customer service by creating a comprehensive knowledge base that guides users through common issues. The widget opens different surveys based on where the user is on the app. Miro keeps an updated knowledge base for self-service.

How Does Storytelling Help You To Create Better Digital Products?


It is a common knowledge, that we use stories to make our world meaningful. They stimulate interest and contribute to the knowledge base of the reader. Storytelling has recently become a buzzword.

Positioning Technical Features to Sound Simple

Product Management University

For example, let’s say you have a knowledge base platform that’s used by customer service professionals and it has unique capabilities that would help the CSRs in a way that improves their productivity and helps their organization improve customer satisfaction scores. Our product is very unique technically, but we’re having trouble positioning technical features in non-technical terms. No one understands our unique value. Any suggestions?

How to Create Interactive User Guides For Your SaaS Product


By helping real users build their knowledge base through engaging with interactive content relevant to them. for user onboarding ), and offering self-service support with a Resource Centre can help your users expand their knowledge base.

The Benefits of eLearning in the Healthcare Industry

The Product Coalition

Medical workers must constantly hone their skills and enhance their knowledge. They build eLearning platforms and mobile apps that help students gain knowledge of human anatomy and other relevant subjects. eLearning is gaining popularity in the healthcare industry today.

Customer Service Automation Guide for SaaS


Some of the processes you can automate include setting up a searchable knowledge base , adding canned responses, and building AI-powered chatbots. There are different automated customer service tools to help you based on your needs. Loom’s in-app knowledge base for self-support.

How To Improve Designer-Developer Collaboration as an External UX Team


Guide the devs toward component-based development. Set up and use common “sources of truth,” such as design systems, design documentation, project knowledge base/wiki, task management platform. At UX Studio , while we develop our products, uxfol.io

Easily follow websites that don’t have RSS feeds

Canadian Metalworking Magazine

Find even more answers to your RSS Builder questions in the Feedly Knowledge base , which we update regularly as the feature improves. New Feature. No RSS? No problem. You can now build your own feeds in Feedly for websites without RSS.

Modus Becomes Atlassian Gold Solution Partner

Modus Create

Those additional accreditations and certifications mean that we have expanded our already significant global knowledge base around the best collaboration tools in the market. We’re excited to announce that Modus Create has been named an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner! After gaining a Silver level badge just 9 months ago, our team’s many additional certifications and proven client success stories have propelled us to the next level of partnership.

9 Ways to Reduce Your SaaS Churn Rate


To address churn pre-emptively, creating helpful blog content and a knowledge base are essential activities. If you can make the knowledge base accessible in-app via a help center , even better. That’s why the concept of a knowledge base exists.

5 Customer Education Ideas to Reduce SaaS Churn


Update your knowledge base. You can even segment based on in-app activity and triggers, such as completing a certain task. This kind of content provides customer education and builds on your knowledge base. Customer education idea #5 — Update your knowledge base.

Not investing in localization is costing you more than you think

Inside Intercom

Customers using Articles can also translate their knowledge base content into multiple languages by importing their articles into Lokalise and exporting the translated versions back to Intercom in just a few simple steps.

Help Desk Metrics in SaaS: What To Track and How to Improve Them


When an agent takes longer than others to resolve problems, it would be helpful if they were trained to mitigate knowledge gaps. You can also include external links to your knowledge base. Link – Use external URLs to send end-users to resources like the knowledge base.

Customer Success Journey Map: How to Build One and Drive Success in SaaS


You can use Userpilot to: Create and trigger personalized in-app messages based on the customer’s stage in the journey. You can also personalize the knowledge base content based on user segments.

Pendo Resource Center Feature-Limitations and Better Alternatives


Pendo doesn’t come with Live Chat and Knowledge Base options. Pendo’s Pro and Enterprise plans are pretty expensive and probably not suitable for small to mid-sized companies, considering they can go up to $15000/year (based on online reviews).