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What’s the REAL Cost of a Poorly Trained Product Management Team?

280 Group

A product launch is a complex and multi-faceted activity that involves many teams collaborating successfully across an organization. Teams must ensure the product solves the right customer problems with all the right features and functionality, test and validate prototypes, and make a plan for production.

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A Learning Roadmap for Product People

Roman Pichler

Overview of the Learning Roadmap. Like a modern product roadmap, a learning roadmap states the specific outcomes or benefits you’d like to achieve to become a more competent product person, and it captures them in form of learning goals. To make these ideas more concrete, let’s look at a sample learning roadmap.

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How Product Roadmaps Kill Outcomes [Dave Martin]


How is the outcome-based roadmap different from regular roadmaps? That’s what Dave Martin , a product leadership coach, has talked about in his talk at this year’s Product Drive Summit hosted by Userpilot. Dave Martin on how product roadmaps kill outcomes. They lack vision and lead nowhere. A roadmap example.

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Translate Your Vision to Action with an Internal Roadmap

The Product Coalition

You’ve got a clear vision for the future, and it looks bright! Part one of this article taught you how to align a roadmap with aspirational business goals. The initial steps of this framework took collaboration between business leadership and the product team to set a direction for development decisions.

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What is Product Strategy?

Product Bookshelf

Martin Good Strategy, Bad Strategy by Richard Rumels Product strategy is a set of choices informed by product vision and company objectives. Strategy development requires imagination and creativity ; a good strategy is not the result of detailed analysis. ” is rivaled only by “What is a roadmap?”

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Mastering Product Success: Unveiling the Power of Product Vision, Roadmaps, and Goals

People-First Product Leadership

Part 1, we covered the “why” behind creating a strategy stack, with a focus on establishing the organization’s Mission, North Star, and Vision. Part 3 brings together the Product specific Vision, Roadmap and Goals. What is the vision for the future you want to create? What ground has been covered?

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Journey to Success: The Seven Pivotal Purposes of Product Roadmaps

The Product Coalition

If you do things that are purposeful, you’ll eventually be successful.” — Howard Schultz Several years ago, I found myself in a heated discussion about product roadmaps with a client. This exchange unfolded over weak, black coffee in your typical, bland white-walled corporate conference room. Why not, indeed? That’s simply a byproduct.

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