7 Ways Product Marketers Can Collaborate with Product Managers to Move More Product

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According to a recent 280 Group poll, only 32% of organizations currently have a defined Product Marketing Manager role. The Product Manager puts products on the shelf, and Product Marketing Managers help them fly off the shelves – and into the hands of customers.

3 Creative Ways to Learn New B2B Skills for Product Management, Product Marketing and Product Demos

Product Management University

Here are three creative ways to up-level the B2B value skills of your Product Management, Product Marketing and Product Demo teams and get them certified. . Product Management Course Product Marketing Course Product Demo Course.

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Product Marketing OKRs: How to Properly Measure Product Marketing Success


How do you make sure your product marketing team is actually working toward success? By using product marketing OKRs to guide strategy and track progress. But when it comes to products, you can’t ignore the rest of the funnel. Product marketing OKRs vs KPIs.

Product Manager vs Product Marketing Manager

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Managing the Interrelated Roles and Responsibilities of Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers. Product Management and Product Marketing Management are complementary roles. What Does a Product Manager Do?

Power of the Platform: A PM's Path to a Winning Product Experience

Speaker: Marcus Andrews - Director of Product Marketing & Keren Wexler - Sr. Director of Product

In this webinar, Marcus Andrews and Keren Wexler will explain common challenges faced by product teams, how to use analytics to create better product launches, platform adoption, and how to add feedback into your workflows!

PROS & CONS: Product Management and Product Marketing Reporting to the Same Executive

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If product management and product marketing are on the same page with complementary agendas, and both are executing well, reporting structures don’t matter. The executive leader will tag one of these functions to create the market view that drives both agendas.

8 Reasons Why Brand Managers Need Formal Product Marketing Training

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Businesses exist to sell products and services, and their ability to do so depends largely on the strength of their brand. That’s why the Brand Manager is one of the highest-ranking individuals within an organization, and only experienced candidates are considered for this role.

Product Marketing Manager Salary [2021 Data]

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Status of the Job 2021: Product Marketing Manager. As organizations scrambled to innovate and deliver tools and technologies that enabled digital transformation, Product Marketing Managers moved into the spotlight. What is a Product Marketing Manager?

Product Marketing vs. Portfolio Marketing: Which One is Right For You?

Product Management University

The easiest way to think of product marketing vs. portfolio marketing is the age-old motto, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Your portfolio has more market and customer value than the sum of the products. What is Product Marketing?

Women in Product Management: Gaining Recognition – You Asked, We Answered.

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This month, we presented a webinar from our Product Management Leadership series – No Bragging Required: How Women in PM Can Get the Recognition They Deserve. In a few situations, I have had managers who did not want me to connect with people on other teams. Product Management

Iterate Your Way to a Top Analytics Product Experience

Speaker: Richard Cheng, Associate Product Manager, Mark43

Mark43 is on a mission to bring public safety data management into the 21st century. To fix traditionally paper-heavy and error-prone processes, they needed a secure and easy-to-use product experience that simplified and unified crime data collection and management.

Career Stories and Advice on Product Management and Product Marketing

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By Jennifer Gridley – Have you ever wondered how different people break into Product Management and why they stay? Would you like advice from great Product Managers on how to do the job well? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ve… Career Product Management Product MarketingAre you interested in sharing your story and advice with others?

Product Marketing Manager Salaries in 2022

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This article details general Product Marketing Manager salary data based on salary information reported by Salary.com in January 2022. . Status of the Job 2022: Product Marketing Manager. What is a Product Marketing Manager? .

Building a Product Marketing Team is Product Management

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Randi Lee is head of product marketing at Fundbox. Leadership Product Management Product Marketing

Micro Goals vs Macro Goals in Product Marketing [Examples Included]


Micro goals vs macro goals in product marketing: Have you ever wondered what the difference is and how can you use both to achieve customer success and product growth ? As a product marketing manager, you need to set goals that would guide and motivate you and your team members.

How Leveraging Data Creates Efficient Product Roadmaps

Speaker: Hannah Chaplin - Product Marketing Principal & Steve Cheshire - Product Manager

In this webinar, Hannah Chaplin, Principal Product Marketing and Steve Cheshire, Product Manager will demonstrate how to use product data to inform your roadmap and evaluate the true business value of feature additions.

SUNDAY REWIND: The playbook for achieving product-market fit by Dan Olsen

Mind the Product

This week’s Sunday Rewind takes us back to 2017 and a talk from Dan Olsen to ProductTank San Francisco that shares advice from his Lean Product Playbook on achieving product-market fit. Dan first runs through the five layers of his Product-Market Fit Pyramid framework.

Brand Identity For Product Management & Product Marketing: 5 Components

Product Management University

Strong brand identity builds trust and motivates people to buy your products and services. In B2B organizations the same concepts apply to product management and product marketing teams for the same reasons. Market & Industry Knowledge.

Demystifying Product Marketing for Product Managers


Product marketing can be tricky to define. It’s not sales, it’s not product management , and it’s not “traditional” marketing either. In this article, we’ll demystify product marketing for product managers. Sizing Up the Market.

Why Storytelling Skills For Product Management & Product Marketing Are Essential

Product Management University

Storytelling skills for product management and product marketing are essential because without them, the value context (why the market cares) of what you’re building, marketing and selling is completely masked. Take market requirements for example.

Product Market Fit: A Lesson from Sephora’s Head of Product

Speaker: Sneha Narahalli - VP, Head of Product at Sephora

In this webinar, Sneha Narahalli, Head of Product at Sephora (Digital, Data & MarTech), will give you an iterative method for identifying and developing Product Market Fit.

Product Marketing Resources: Everything You Need To Know in 2022


Trying to find the best product marketing resources for 2022? As the market gets more competitive, SaaS companies are increasingly relying on product-led marketing strategies to gain traction. CXL’s Product Marketing certification course is an industry standard.

Difference Between Product Manager vs Product Marketing Manager vs Growth PM

The Product Coalition

A question I get often is the difference between a Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager and a Growth PM. Continue reading on Product Coalition ». agile growth-hacking product-management product-marketing growth-product-manager

What do You Want to Know About Product Marketing Management?

The Product Coalition

Product marketing sits at the intersection of marketing, growth, product and sales. It is the department responsible for evangelising the… Continue reading on Product Coalition ».

Web-Based Demos Are Grounding Product Management & Product Marketing on This One Thing

Product Management University

It’s not only a key ingredient for sales success, it’s also critical to the success of product management and product marketing. Product functionality Company and product positioning Sales tactics and pricing Customer references Future direction and strategy.

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Why the Product Message Should Come From Product Management

Speaker: Jordan Bergtraum, Head of Product at Equip ID & Consultant

Join Jordan Bergtraum, Head of Product at Equip ID & Consultant, as he tells you why Product Management should create the initial Product message and how to create a compelling Product message!

3 Product Marketing Myths to Dispel

Product Management University

Product Marketing may be one of the most misunderstood and undervalued functions as evidenced by the fact that so many B2B organizations still don’t have it. Hardly product marketing! Other organizations give product marketing responsibilities to product managers.

Pre-Product Market Fit: Ten Great Books for Product People

The Product Coalition

If only books on product management had labels that say “pre-PMF” or “post-PMF”. Here are 10 great product books on pre-product market fit (pre-PMF)! ?? It also teaches you the importance to talk to the right niche for your product. ??

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Product Marketing vs Marketing: Understanding the Differences


Product marketing vs marketing? You see a lot of SaaS companies hiring for product marketing roles and it’s a bit confusing. Is there even any difference between product marketers and your regular marketer? Product marketing examples.

Proficientz Launches Product Management University for B2B

Product Management University

Three Dedicated Schools For Product Success & Career Growth. announced today the launch of Product Management University for B2B with three dedicated schools: The School of Product Management The School of Product Marketing The School of Product Demos.

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Building Products Your Customers Love with Empathy and Human Insights

Speaker: Lija Hogan, Customer Experience Consultant at UserTesting & Daniele Hohol, Senior Product Manager at UserTesting

Product teams are continuously under tight deadlines to quickly validate new ideas, features, and offerings to innovate successfully, ensure product-market fit, and avoid rework. Without the customer’s perspective, these teams often end up wasting time and resources building features that customers don’t use. This webinar will highlight the critical areas during the design and development process when reaching out to customers, as understanding their needs, testing hypotheses, and refining your approach are imperative.

Quantifying Product/Market Fit

The Product Coalition

Product Can you tell if your product is on the right track? It’s easy to answer whether you have a product/market fit: can the revenue your customers pay for your product sustain (or even grow) your business? greener values indicate a better product/market fit.

Product Marketing vs. Product Management

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

So, what’s the difference between a Product Manager (PM) and a Product Marketing Manager (PMM)? Responsibilities Product managers are responsible for understanding user needs, setting the product roadmap, working with engineering and design to deliver features.

Product Management Hierarchy and Job Titles

Product Management University

Whether launching a startup or creating an organization within a growing or mature company, establishing structure within your product management team is required for scale. Product Management Specialty Niche Roles. Technical Product Manager. Product Manager.

Product Manager Salary Data for 2022

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This article details general Product Manager salary data based on salary information reported by Salary.com in January 2022. . Status of the Job 2022: Product Manager . What Is a Product Manager? . Product Manager Salary for 2022 .

Collaborate Better with Your Customer-Facing Teams

Speaker: Hope Gurion, Product Leader Coach, Fearless Product LLC

Customer discovery is the lifeblood of product teams to identify the most important customer needs to solve next. Often it's the Product and UX members of the trio who take lead on facilitating this discovery. But what about other customer-facing teams in an organization? How do product teams best partner with these teams to understand customers’ unmet needs and decide which needs to address next?

Product Marketing Manager vs Product Manager


The post Product Marketing Manager vs Product Manager appeared first on eProduct. Product Management Best Practices Product Management Career

Product Management 101: Product Marketing


At the intersection of product, marketing, sales, and customer success sits an increasingly crucial function in any organization. We can think of product marketing as the driving force behind bringing a product to market, but the responsibilities also extend throughout the entire product lifecycle. While product marketing will look different at every company, there are.

VP of Product Marketing: Your 5-Point Plan for the First 100 Days

Product Management University

You’ve just landed your first VP of Product Marketing job and expectations are through the roof. The first thing you’re NOT going to do is meet with your team and your peers in sales, corporate marketing, customer success, etc. where your products play.

Thankful for Product Management

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My original entrance into Product Management I was an early 30’s applications engineer who jumped into the that role from life as an analytical chemist and process engineer at a wafer fab. Then the original recruiter that got me into product management reached out to me again.