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Core responsibility: How we scaled our core technologies team

Intercom, Inc.

It’s a familiar problem for all companies that scale fast – how do you keep your core technologies manageable for the increasing number of teams that depend on them? This surfaced as an increasingly large percentage of our product teams’ time being spent on operations or deep diving into understanding our small set of core technologies.

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Product Managers and Technical Skills: What’s the Deal?

The Product Coalition

We’re well overdue a conversation about Product Managers and technical skills. And yet…we all seem to stay hung up on technical skills. Here we’re going into asking the age-old question: do Product Managers need technical skills? Why does learning new tech skills feel like such an insurmountable challenge?


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How Automatic Speech Recognition Drives Future Voice Technology

The Product Coalition

Thanks to the ongoing development of Automatic Speech Recognition technology, we are rapidly approaching the potential future scenario. As is often the case with technology, our question is “what’s next?” ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) is the technology that facilitates this change. The answer is the human voice.

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The Two Trains Metaphor and Instant Tech Debt

Bryce York

Once you’ve got a “new way,” any features built for the old way are instant tech debt that moves your “done” further out of reach and increases the work required to get the new way to feature parity. The two trains metaphor – the old way and the new way are trains running on parallel tracks.

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Test-Driven or Feature Flag-Driven Development: What’s Best For Your Team?


Amid this incessant search for perfection, two paradigms have become prominent: Test-driven development (TDD) and feature flag-driven development (FFDD). Test-driven development (TDD), a software development approach in which tests are written before the code, is akin to building a safety net before performing a daring tightrope act.

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Everything you need to know about Pulse AI for customer experience 

Alchemer Mobile

It’s driven by tools like ChatGPT and Gemini, and nothing has captured attention quite so effectively since social media hit the scene promising free technology to get closer to their customers. Right now, enterprise companies are thinking about how they can scale proven use cases with less technical knowledge to drive business goals.

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Women in Tech – Female CxOs Share their Challenges in Tech Startups – with Melissa Kwan, Alice de Courcy, Maja Voje, Laura Erdem & others


I asked DALLE to ‘Give me an image of a tech CEO’. Then I tried regenerating the image to see on which try it would give me a tech CEO of a different gender (or colour). Check out this viral post by Andrew Gazdecki to learn more about what a ‘tech CEO’ is like US Census data from 2022 revealed that only 17% of tech CEOs are female.