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Why designers fail to integrate into Agile teams

UX Planet

Prescriptive Agile frameworks make it hard for designers to add valuable contributions to the team. Scrum is an Agile framework that puts a lot of emphasis on speed and efficiency. The problem has never been Agile but the rigidity of some of its frameworks. In 2011 I was a UX Designer in a design studio. Scrum invented those.

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Product Manager vs. Product Owner

Melissa Perri

Let’s look at where these terms and disciplines originated from and how some common frameworks explain them. That was until I had my first experience teaching Product Management at a company using the SAFe framework. Scrum came on the scene just before the Agile Manifesto was written in 2001.


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When 2 Become 1: The Roles of Product Manager and Product Owner

bpma ProductHub

Since the Agile Manifesto first distinguished the roles in 2001, the same person has often been expected to serve as both PM and PO. During their presentation, Pragmatic Instructor and Product Coach Kirsten Butzow along with Pendo Chief Evangelist Eric Boduch emphasized the need to distinguish the PM role from the PO role.

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4 Tips to Adapt Agile Product Management to Your Team’s Processes


It’s one of the most widely used and trusted frameworks for the modern technology company. Debuted in the 2001 Agile Manifesto , the Agile method was created in response to outmoded software practices that didn’t scale with changing technology. Tips for Adapting the Agile Framework: Encourage Experimentation.

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What is Agile UX? Methods & Process

UX Planet

They include: Scrum : A framework for developing/delivering designs in short iterations. There are at least 10 well-established Agile frameworks that are followed by design teams all across the world. Professional UX designers must master the core fundamentals of Agile and learn about a few of these frameworks.

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357: 5 steps for prioritizing product features – with Kareem Mayan

Product Innovation Educators

Helping us is someone who’s been prioritizing customer feedback professionally since 2001. This framework lets you narrow down a big list of features, but there’s still a lot of art involved in the process. [7:07] Helping us is someone who’s been prioritizing customer feedback professionally since 2001.

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Why Scrum? A Product Owner’s Guide to Agile Success


It’s a practical, hands-on framework that’s designed to make your role as a product owner more manageable and more effective. Scrum provides a framework for managing and completing complex projects. These principles are the pillars that support the Scrum framework. That’s where Scrum comes in.

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