Executive Perspectives on Strategic Product Management and Three Common Gaps

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by John Mansour – For as long as I have been training product managers (since 2001), senior executives have been telling me that they want their product management function to be more strategic.

The 21 best agile product management resources


In 2001, a group of software developers set off a revolution in the world of tech when they outlined a new way of managing product development—agile.

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Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2019 vs 2002


She has published a renowned annual research report since 2001. Mary Meeker from Bond Capital is the undisputed leader in using big data to describe and analyze the major trends in the tech industry. Take a look at her analysis from 2019 and her 2002 report.

When 2 Become 1: The Roles of Product Manager and Product Owner

bpma ProductHub

Since the Agile Manifesto first distinguished the roles in 2001, the same person has often been expected to serve as both PM and PO. By Jennifer Gridley – As we approach Valentine’s Day, some may be enjoying The Spice Girls’ 1996 hit for its romantic message.

UX of Voice Interaction


When I think of voice interaction with a computer, my mind wanders to my first meeting with HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey. That voice, interestingly enough very human, has excited and frightened generations of movie fans.

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UX of Voice Interaction


When I think of voice interaction with a computer, my mind wanders to my first meeting with HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey. That voice, interestingly enough very human, has excited and frightened generations of movie fans.

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eBay’s search metrics used to suck

The Product Coalition

Ben Foster, who was the company’s PM of Findings between 2001–2004, was in charge of that effort. Photo by Khachik Simonian on Unsplash To live in the Information Age sounds fun and, for the most part, it is. In this age, data is becoming increasingly easier to collect.

Product Manager vs. Product Owner

Melissa Perri

Scrum came on the scene just before the Agile Manifesto was written in 2001. “What is the difference between a Product Owner and a Product Manager?”. It’s an interesting question and one that takes time to unpack.

Design Sprints by Jake Knapp

Mind the Product

In 2001 Jake was working at Microsoft on the Encarta Encyclopaedia product, and all encyclopaedia content was stored on a CD-ROM – in new and innovative ways for the time.

The Best of Both Worlds: Vertical Marketing and Horizontal Products

Proficientz – Product Management University

Since 2001 the Proficientz has offered the only product management framework and training programs that help B2B and B2B2C organizations drive growth by managing, marketing and selling integrated solutions that have exponentially more value than any single product.

What we can Learn from Electric Scooter Companies like Lime and Bird

Mind the Product

Famously, back in 2001, inventor Dean Kamen was going to change the world. The buzz just before the launch of his Segway personal transporter was astonishing. Tech investor John Doerr posited that it would be more important than the internet.

Digital Transformation

The Product Bistro

When the bubble burst in 2001 or so, a lot of that gear ended up on eBay , for pennies on the dollar. “Have you heard the news? Digital Transformation is rocking the business world …” During the extended holiday break, I am spending time ruminating on the topic, as it dovetails into a key thrust of a project I am working on, loosely “The Future of Work” Foundations – The Network.

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How To Build Your Audience Well Before Launching Your Product

Sachin Rekhi

It launched its now famous Signal vs. Noise blog in 2001 to share their ideas about design, business, and the web. Most entrepreneurs assume that the marketing and audience building phase of their startup begins post product launch.

Lean and Agile: What’s the Difference?


Agile, as I’m sure you know by now, originated in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development that was formulated by a group of product developers in 2001.

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Why Drawing Maps Sharpens Your Thinking

Product Talk

2001). “Could it have been the drawing of maps that boosted our ancestors beyond the threshold which the other apes just failed to cross?”. – Richard Dawkins. Have you ever wondered why the Business Model Canvas spread like wildfire? To me, the answer is clear.

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Here’s Why Your Customer Success Strategy Needs Data Science


While some may think of Terminator, HAL from Odyssey 2001, or Data on Star Trek, the products of data science have very realistic uses and are deeply embedded in our everyday lives. All over the world, companies are using data science to cultivate a healthy customer base.

Creating a “Customer Value” Culture, Powered by Product Management & Product Marketing

Proficientz – Product Management University

I’ve worked with a lot of highly successful organizations since 2001. A customer value culture exists when your entire organization is driven by the strategic goals of your target customers. When that culture exists, you’re consistently rewarded with predictable growth. What’s the key to creating such a culture? Answer one simple question that becomes the rallying cry for your entire organization.

Scrum or Kanban: which is right for your personality?


It became a part of Agile with the publishing of the seminal book “Agile Software Development with Scrum” in 2001. Lean management techniques like Scrum and Kanban come up a lot on this blog, due to their status as key concepts in the product management glossary.

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Meet the Centercode Managed Testing Services Team


I joined Centercode at the same time as the founders, and I helped create the services side of the business back in 2001. Throughout the month, we’ve been looking at best practices for writing surveys — from avoiding psychological biases to tips for keeping your data squeaky clean.

Dear Strategy: 066 Understanding Customer Needs and Going to Market Faster

Dear Strategy

Although agile development is now the subject of many books and the foundation of many consulting practices, it was actually the result of a “manifesto” that was created by 17 software development professionals who gathered in a ski resort in Utah back in February of 2001. Dear Strategy: “What are the strategies to help drive consumer needs into product benefits to go to market faster?”. . There are two parts to this question that we can focus on.

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Product Management is Culture Management

Mind the Product

3, Fall 2001. Or “ How to Manage Software Development in Teams who Think Nothing Like you “ Product management has two diversity problems. The first one is well-acknowledged: our industry must have more women, other ethnicities, and better representation from LGBTQIA.

Is it Time for a Licence to Practise Product Management?

Mind the Product

Manifesto for Agile Software Development , 2001, [link]. I recently came across a piece by Mike Monteiro , co-founder and design director of Mule Design, titled Design’s Lost Generation , in which he makes the case that designers should require a licence to do their job. Mike got me thinking; should product managers also require a licence do their job?

Deconstructing Being Agile

The Product Coalition

Agile vs. Being Agile Agile became popular shortly after ‘The Agile Software Development Manifesto ’ was published in 2001. Has the spirit of being agile been lost behind a mountain of rules?

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The Evolution of Modern Product Discovery

Product Talk

And so a bunch of people came together, they started sharing what they were doing, they started asking what can we do differently, and a lot of this frustration culminated in 2001 with the release of The Agile Manifesto. Product management is evolving quickly.

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The tools we use: Challenging dogma in the design process

Inside Intercom

This was probably best illustrated in what’s been called the single most famous edit in the history of cinema, in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Many of us in the design and technology community pride ourselves on being tool builders, creating products that others can use to get things done.

Top 10 FinTech Software Development Companies 2019

The Product Coalition

Atomic Object Headquarters: Grand Rapids, MI Founded in: 2001 Employees: 51–200 Minimum project size: Undisclosed Hourly rates: Undisclosed Contact details: contact@atomicobject.com Clutch has listed Atomic Object as one of the leading financial software development providers this year.

Growth is getting hard from intensive competition, consolidation, and saturation

Andrew Chen

The end of the cycle. One of the best essays written last year was Elad Gil’s End of Cycle? – referencing our most recent 2007-2017 run on mobile and web software, and the implications for investing, startups, and entrepreneurs.

Idea Validation?—?Much More Than Just A/B Experiments

The Product Coalition

The MVP Principle The term Minimum Viable Product was first used by Frank Robinson in 2001 to describe the minimal product that can be sold to customers. In 2001 this outcomes-over-output message was definitely very new. Idea Validation?—?Much

Online Product Management Courses & Certification Now Available From Proficientz

Proficientz – Product Management University

Since 2001, Proficientz has helped B2B organizations deliver, market and sell solutions with greater strategic value by emphasizing customer success over product success. Learn B2B Skills Anytime, Anywhere With Product Management University On-Demand.

Branding Yourself as a Product

Pragmatic Marketing

Unfortunately, in 2001 as the dot-com boom went bust, Fujitsu, for the first time in the company’s history, lost money. A grandfather clock or a watch. Those are the symbols of career longevity I remember from my youth. You’d work for one company your entire career, and when you retired, you’d receive some sort of timepiece as a farewell gift. My first real job out of college was with Fujitsu, a $50 billion company. I thought I’d be there for 35 or 40 years.

A year in review: productboard’s top 10 posts from 2017


Then show them what happened when Google decided to get rid of all its product managers in 2001. At productboard we aim to bake best practices of product management straight into the interface, so you can improve the way you manage your products right out of the box.

Why we need Product Management, with Rich Mironov


By the way, it was not new in 2001, but we didn’t know what to call it before then. In March 2018, Rich Mironov visited Australia and presented to the Product Talks Sydney Meetup Group on building and scaling Product teams.

The Collision of Product Management and Product Ownership

The Product Coalition

Jeff Sutherland The Scrum movement was accelerated after 2001 when a group of seventeen software though-leaders met up at a ski lodge in Utah and created the agile manifesto. Agile Manifesto (2001) Youtube clip of the Top 15 Best Global Brands Ranking (2000–2018) ?—?

TEI 160: How LEGO and others use a low-risk, high-value approach to product management – with David Robertson, PhD

Product Innovation Educators

In 2001, he came out with the iPod and iTunes. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just innovate around it. Fundamentally, product managers should be driving success for their organization. We do that by providing customers value. The source of that value may be, and perhaps should be, closer to our core capabilities than is often thought. The toy company LEGO found this to be true, only after being on the brink of bankruptcy.

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Why Marketing Should Go Agile

Pragmatic Marketing

Software developers faced a similar crisis in 2001. Marketing has changed more in the last five to seven years than at any other time during my career.

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