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Why designers fail to integrate into Agile teams

UX Planet

Prescriptive Agile frameworks make it hard for designers to add valuable contributions to the team. In 2011 I was a UX Designer in a design studio. I designed every detail in Photoshop before handing the mockups to the developers. But in my new Agile team, I was designing fragments that felt incomplete.

Agile 90
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Some Practical Tools For Stakeholder Management


This blog was originally written in 2011 and updated in September 2019. Without the involvement of stakeholders, ideas simply remain ideas and it’s nearly impossible to successfully develop and launch products. Alone, or in a team, list potential stakeholders as well as: Their interests. Adrienne Tan. Stakeholder identification.


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The ultimate guide to willingness-to-pay

Lenny Rachitsky

It can drive enormous sustained growth (quickly) and often takes very little product work, yet is rarely prioritized or even discussed within product teams. Why are so few product teams testing their pricing? Their analysis builds on a compelling 2019 WTP field study and an in-depth comparison from 2011. Strava had bumps.

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Finding Flow in Your Product Management Career

Mind the Product

At that time in London – we’re talking 2011/2012 – it was, dare I say, a bold step to leave a full-time, good product position to go freelance. One of the areas that caught my attention was flow theory, developed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Find Your Flow. All About Choice.

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Customer retention is the new conversion

Intercom, Inc.

We developed all these tips and tricks that would help us optimize what happens when they land. It became standard fare to find the best possible way you could lay your page out, which was a positive thing. Intercom has grown like a weed since I’ve been involved, which is August 15, 2011, our incorporation date.

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Drata’s CEO Adam Markowitz on creating a culture of cyber security

Intercom, Inc.

After working on NASA’s Space Shuttle Main Engine, he went on to develop Portfolium, a social networking platform that allows students and graduates to showcase skills beyond the traditional resume to potential employers. Portfolium was eventually acquired, but the team behind it never stopped thinking about a better way to do it.

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Five Berlin Design Studios to Work With in 2021

UX Studio: Product Management

As a design studio that often works with international companies, we’ve developed a remote collaboration process that lets us work effectively with our clients. Apart from designing impactful digital solutions for our clients, we develop our products at UX studio — UX folio and Copyfolio. Our client portfolio is rich and diverse.