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Lessons Learned When Constructing A Seamless Customer Journey


A carefully crafted customer journey is not static. If you’re facing the need to revisit and revamp your customer experience, our discussion with Mai Elizer, Senior Solutions Engineer at Comeet , offered invaluable insights into constructing a predictable and efficient customer journey.

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How to ask your customers great questions and gather actionable feedback – 3 key takeaways

Intercom, Inc.

CX for Growth is a webinar series hosted by the Startups team at Intercom, a casual, interview-style monthly session featuring special guests and exploring customer experience topics that help to drive growth in your business. How to bake in a process and culture of customer feedback. Scalable customer feedback approaches.


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Consider This: The Nearness of Customer Insight


The Problem Customer research is needed to discover new needs or to gather impressions of existing products. Don’t we understand these customers well enough already! The Solution Of course, the central point of customer research is to disabuse us of our assumptions and to learn what is new.

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385: Fast user insights for product managers and innovators – with Mike Mace

Product Innovation Educators

How to load up your brain with your customers’ mindset. How do you figure out what your customers want? Is your product work based on what Sales wants, what an Executive or other HiPPO wants, what your competitor is doing, some insights gained about your customers, or something else?

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Your 3-step approach to delivering effective constructive criticism


Trying to be too nice when delivering feedback can confuse the receiver. Making sure you, as the feedback giver, are in the right frame of mind before delivering constructive criticism is an important step. Creating an environment of psychological safety can make it easier for people to take feedback without getting defensive.

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How to Collect Qualitative Feedback in SaaS


Are you thinking about using qualitative feedback to gauge the success of your SaaS business? While some product managers focus solely on quantitative data, one can argue that qualitative data is just as important because it reveals what customers feel about a SaaS product. Looking to collect and analyze feedback?

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User Research: What Is It and How to Do It in SaaS


Looking for the best ways to conduct user research and gather actionable insights? Whether you’re building a product from scratch, updating something on your platform, or just want to listen to users and create better experiences , this article provides the guide you need. We covered: The benefits of proper user research.